Megger SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System

  • Substation 3-phase testing
  • Secondary and primary testing
  • Standalone functionality
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Megger SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System

The Megger SVERKER 900 is the latest addition to the popular SVERKER range of relay test sets. The SVERKER 900 increases the testing capability of the product range by introducing three-phase testing in electrical distribution substations, renewable power generation stations (PV and wind turbine for example) and other industrial test applications.

In addition to secondary relay testing, the Megger SVERKER 900 will also perform various primary tests, as current and voltage sources can be connected in series and/or parellel allowing outputs of up to 105A AC or 900V AC.

The amplitude, phase angle and frequency of each the three current and four voltage sources can be individually adjusted, whilst  the fourth voltage source can be used for testing numerical relays that require a reference voltage, simulating a busbar.

General test applications for the Megger SVERKER 900 include:

  • Commissioning and maintenance
  • Protection relays
  • Plotting CT excitation curves
  • Current and voltage transformer turn ratio tests
  • Burden measurement for CT circuits
  • Polarity tests
  • Impedance measurement
  • Single and three phase primary injection
  • SCADA annunciation and measurement values
  • Wiring check

HMI user interface

The Megger SVERKER 900 is operated using an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI). This comprises of a computer based operating system and touch screen display. The HMI allows for manual or semi-automatic tests to be performed, from simple primary current injection tests to more in-depth secondary relay tests.

The HMI on the SVERKER 900 also eliminates the need for an external computer whilst testing virtually all types of single and three-phase primary and secondary protective equipment found within a substation. It can inject current up to 105A AC whilst boasting a frequency range of 10Hz to 600Hz alongside DC testing capabilty, too.

Moreover, the SVERKER 900 allows for data transfer via a USB port to a computer, where .CSV data can be analysed using Microsoft Excel to create reports.

 Relays which the SVERKER 900 can test:

  • Distance protection/under impedance relay, Ansi Number 21
  • Overfluxing relays, Ansi Number 24
  • Sychronising or sychronism-check relays, Ansi Number 25
  • Undervoltage relays, Ansi Number 27
  • Directional Power relays, Ansi Number 32
  • Undercurrent or underpower relays, Ansi Number 37
  • Loss of field relays, Ansi Number 40
  • Negative sequence overcurrent relays, Ansi Number 46
  • Phase sequence voltage relays, Ansi Number 47
  • Thermal relays, Ansi Number 49
  • Overcurrent/ground fault relays, Ansi Number 50 (N)
  • Inverse time overcurrent relays/ground fault relays, Ansi Number 51 (N)
  • Power factor relays, Ansi Number 55
  • Overvoltage relays, Ansi Number 59
  • Voltage or current balance relays, Ansi Number 60
  • Directional overcurrent relays/ground fault relays, Ansi Number 67 (N)
  • Motor overload protection, Ansi Number 66
  • DC overcurrent relays, Ansi Number 76
  • Phase-angle measuring or out-of-step relays, Ansi Number 78
  • Automatic reclosing devices, Ansi Number 79
  • Frequency relays, Ansi Number 81
  • Carrier or pilot wire, Ansi Number 85
  • Differential protection relays (differential circuits), Ansi Number 87
  • Directional voltage relays, Ansi Number 91
  • Voltage and power directional relays, Ansi Number 92
  • Tripping relays, Ansi Number 94

 Multifunction testing solutions

The Megger SVERKER 900 is available to include multiple test instrumentation in one portable solution; please see the comparison chart below for options available. Using the different test settings, the substation test tool can be used for the following test scenarios:

  • Main Instrument
    • Timing test
    • Manually determine the pick-up and drop-off of relay contact
    • General: set, inject, measure
  • CT Magnetization Instrument
    • Determine the knee point voltage of the CT
  • Prefault – Fault Instrument
    • Timing test – used mainly to test relays that require a simulation of the prefault state before fault simulation
  • Ramping Instrument
    • Automatically determine the pickup threshold
    • Time testing, e.g when testing df/dt relays
  • Sequence Instrument
    • Simulation of sequences, e.g auto re-closure, motor starts, re-striking earth fault
  • Impedance Instrument
    • The impedance screen allows for testing relays directly from the impedance pane, where calculations of impedance into current and voltage is completed by the SVERKER 900
    • Prefault and fault test
    • Impedance ramping

Key features

  • Substation 3-phase testing
  • Secondary and primary testing
  • Standalone functionality

 We have a choice of three SVERKER 900 kits:

Please use the comparison chart below and select the correct model option in order for us to quote you competetively.

Note, existing owners of the SVERKER 900 basic or standard can upgrade their model to standard or expert, or expert respectively. Please call us for further information.

SVERKER 900 Basic
SVERKER 900 Standard
SVERKER 900 Expert

Main Instrument

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Prefault - Fault Instrument


CT Magnetizing Instrument


Ramping Instrument

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Sequencer Instrument


Impedance Instrument


 Accessories Included

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