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Megger testers and Megger test equipment are used by electricians and engineers for testing electrical installations. We are a UK Authorised Distributor for new Megger testers. They have a wide range of electrical test equipment, insulation testers, multifunction testers and test sets.

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  • Why do our Megger loop testers give different readings?



    Our company use a fleet of Megger MFT1720 multifunction testers to complete inspection, testing and certification of both new and existing electrical installations. However, when we carry out a loop test at the same socket outlet, each tester displays a varied reading which may differ by 0.20 Ohms. Why is this when the make and model of each tester in use are identical?

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  • Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Tester Review & Test


    The Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Tester is the latest addition to the popular MFT1700 series of Megger multifunctional installation testers. The MFT1735 builds upon the impressive specification of the MFT1730, now offering extensive earth testing features such as ART (Attached Rod Technique) and stakeless earth testing.

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  • Megger MFT1700 Series: Overview Of Multifunction Installation Testers



    Originally launched at the start of 2011, the Megger MFT1700 series of multifunction tester (MFT) has arguably established itself as the benchmark of multifunctional installation testers within the UK.

    The range now includes four models with the recent addition of the MFT1735 that not only boasts an extensive earth resistance test specification, but also upholds Megger’s user-friendly design ethos.

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  • Megger MFT1700 Series: Is The MFT1710 Right For Me?

    Megger MFT1710 Banner

    The MFT1710 Multifunction Tester

    The Megger MFT1710 is the entry-level tester within the range. Similar to the other models within the series, the MFT1710 offers a 200mA automatic start continuity test that is great for extensive R1+R2 testing and end to end ring final circuit tests.

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  • Megger MFT1700 Series: Is The MFT1720 Right For Me?


    Megger MFT1720 Multifunction Tester

    The Megger MFT1720 is one of the most popular testers within the range. Domestic installers wanting to protect themselves against future three-phase installation work will consider the MFT1720, as will any engineer conducting EICR’s or undertaking volumes of domestic and commercial installation work.

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  • Megger MFT1700 Series: Are The MFT1730 & MFT1730 Onsite Right For Me?

    Megger MFT130 Banner

    Megger MFT1730 and Megger MFT1730 Onsite Multifunction Testers

    Suitable for almost any electrical installation testing, the MFT1730 onsite offers a comprehensive specification. With consumers demanding a tester suitable for all scenarios, this model has become the most popular tester within the range. As the MFT1720 offers a very staple specification, the MFT1730 only offers a few additional, but critical specification tweaks.

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  • Megger MFT1700 Series: Is The MFT1735 Right For Me?


    Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Tester

    The Megger MFT1735 is very similar to the Megger MFT1730, but with additional earth resistance testing capabilities. It is important to note that the following features included on the MFT1720 and the MFT1730 are not included on this model:

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  • FREE Megger TPT320 Voltage Tester With Megger MFT1720 For A Limited Time

    This offer is no longer active
    MFT1720 & TPT320 Banner

    The Megger MFT1720 is one of the most popular testers within the Megger MFT17XX range. Domestic installers who might undertake future three-phase installation work will consider the MFT1720, as will any engineer conducting EICR’s or undertaking volumes of domestic and commercial installation work. In short, The Megger MFT1720 is a great all round multifunction tester suitable for domestic, commercial and some industrial electrical installations. Continue reading

  • Getting To Grips With Megger’s MFT 1701 Range Of Multifunction Testers

    MFT1701 Banner

    April 2016 saw the arrival of a new batch of Megger multifunction testers. The untrained eye won’t spot any aesthetical or ergonomic differences between the existing MFT1700 series and the 2016 units, however the newer models offer additional, valuable testing features at very competitive prices. Continue reading

  • Introducing the Megger DLRO100 range

    Megger DLRO100 blog banner

    A new addition to an impressive line-up of low resistance ohmmeters, the Megger DLRO100 series is comprised of three instruments; each model available as a mains powered unit or as a battery/mains powered unit.

    The most advanced model is capable of remote operation, asset tagging, communicating wirelessly using Bluetooth and is also DualGround compatible for additional safety. These features coupled with a CAT IV 600VAC/500VDC safety rating and IP54 protection against dust and water ingress position the DLRO100 as a stalwart benchmark for any opposition in the market. Continue reading

  • My Megger multifunction tester will not successfully trip RCDs when I come to complete RCD tests. Am I doing something wrong?


    This is a common question that is answered often by our technical support department. The solution below applies to the Megger MFT1710, 1711, 1720, 1721, 1730, 1731 and 1735.

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  • Our Top 5 New Releases of 2017


    Last year saw a huge expansion of the Test-Meter range across our electrical, thermal, high voltage, gas and environmental categories with numerous new products from some of the most prominent manufacturers in test and measurement. After careful deliberation, we have picked our top five new releases from 2017:

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  • Megger MFT1741 Review


    You work as a designer for a manufacturer of multifunction electrical test meters. For the last few years you've made meters which provide a standalone solution to most of the testing requirements of the 17th Edition of BS7671. Your meters are robust, reliable and easy to use. But you need to sell more meters. So what do you do to differentiate your new products from the rest of the fold?

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  • Top Five New Products of the Year 2019


    From providing brand new functions, improving on the old or simply finding solutions to make the operators job easier, this year has produced some incredible new innovations in the field of test equipment. We've put together a convenient shortlist of what we believe to be the top five devices released in 2019. With such an incredible range of products available - if you work in gas, electrical or buildings sectors - we guarantee you should give these a look!

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