mA Loop Calibrators Hire

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  1. Features:

    • AC/DC voltage measurement: 0 to 1000V
    • AC/DC current measurement: 0 to 1A
    • Resistance measurement: 0 to 40MΩ
    • Frequency measurement: 0 to 20kHz
    • True RMS measurement
    • Current sourcing: 0 to 20mA

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £10+VAT carriage charge each way

    The Fluke 787 Process Calibrator neatly combines the functions of a digital meter - true RMS measurement of current, voltage, resistance and frequency - with current sourcing for calibrating process loops. Diode and continuity testing are also available on the 787 and further options include data hold on the digital display, min/max/avg recording and relative mode.

    Loop calibration options on the Fluke 787 include current coursing from 0 to 20mA which can be adjusted with automatic slow ramp, fast ramp, manual/coarse/fine/25% step and auto step. Current is sourced to an accuracy of ±0.05% with a resolution of 0.001mA. A clear digital screen relays information to the user and the instrument is easy to operate via a simple dial and push buttons.

    Part number: HPRO.2

Showing 1 Item