1. Features:

    • Suitable for commissioning and maintaining Solar PV installations to BSEN 62446
    • Instantly view I-V and power curves in accordance with IEC 61829
    • Quickly compare measured STC data with manufacturer’s published data


    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (optional)

  2. Features:

    • Tests parallel strings up to 1500V and 40A
    • Open-circuit voltage range: 0 to 1500V DC
    • Short-circuit current range: 0.5A to 40A DC
    • Works with Seaward Survey 200R Irradiance Meter
    • Internal memory for up to 999 readings
    • Direct MC4 connections


    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (optional)

  3. Features:

    • Test photovoltaic with ease and accuracy, whilst meeting the IEC 62446 standards
    • The user can conduct all category 1 and 2 tests and measurements instantly
    • The results taken by the analyser can be sorted through and analysed, making the tool extremely useful for photovoltaic analysis


    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (optional)

  4. Features

    • Installation, commissioning and maintenance services of PV systems that operate at 1000 V DC or under
    • Conforms to IEC 62446-1 standards
    • ROI and system performance testing – IEC 62446-1 Category 2
    • Protective resistance earth testing
    • Voltage on open circuit testing
    • Short circuit current testing
    • Insulation resistance testing
    • Polarity testing, Auto Test mode and Diode testing
    • Irradiance, temperature, tilt and cardinal direction
    • Keep the leads system for one time test lead configuration
    • On location I-V Curve results

    7 DAY HIRE 

    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (optional)

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