Tramex Skipper 5 Marine Moisture Meter

  • Non-destructive design, unique three electrode array
  • Dual-depth readings for determining moisture depth
  • Suitable for GRP including cored or sandwich structures
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Tramex Skipper 5 Marine Moisture Meter

The Tramex Skipper 5 Marine Moisture Meter is a fifth generation, dual-depth non-destructive device designed for ease of use and highly accurate results. The unique three-electrode array is ready to go, providing users with both shallow and deep perceptivity. The deep signal penetrates up to 30mm (1 1⁄4") in wood and GRP composites, whilst the shallow depth scale has a field penetration of up to 10mm (0.4"). This marine moisture meter from Tramex is fully capable of establishing the depth of moisture within GRP composites without having to damage the materials being tested. Capable of covering large areas and collecting readings through varnishes, paints and sheathing such as Cascover, the Skipper 5 enables safe detection of hidden moisture in GRP boat hulls, decks and coach roofs including sandwich or cored structures. With a wide range of 5% to 30% on a wood Scale and 0 to 100 on a similar scale for GRP, the shallow depth readings of the Skipper 5 are smaller, more precise and comparable to pin readings.

Electrical properties within GRP composites and hardwoods, despite them being non-conducting materials, will change depending on moisture content. This is what makes the Skipper 5 Marine Moisture Meter such a valuable addition to any survey kit. It can determine moisture levels by sending a high-audio frequency signal between two incorporated soft rubber electrodes, the capacitive coupling between these electrodes and the material itself is what allows the impedance to be determined. In addition, the dual-depth penetration is how comparisons between surface and core moistures are ascertained. The results are then interpreted as a moisture value and displayed on a large, classic yet clear, moving coil meter. The third electrode of the Tramex Skipper 5 is what provides operators with a separate reliable shallow range measurement, and with a considerably smaller footprint.

Determining moisture content with the Tramex Skipper 5 is crucial, especially as excess moisture can lead to blistering, loss of paints & varnishes, fungal growth and black fungal staining. Osmosis treatment can be a valuable solution to this issue, however to be effective it requires the complete removal of all hygroscopic solutes responsible for absorbing and retaining moisture and forming osmotic cells. The Skipper 5 Marine Moisture Meter is a vital part of this process as it can perform the following functions:

  • Identify osmosis problems before problems occur
  • Locate wet cores in sandwich or cored structures
  • Monitor hulls for drying before necessary repairs & osmosis treatments
  • Throughly examine timber for excess moisture before painting, sheathing or varnishing

Pocket-sized and specifically designed for GRP, the Tramex Skipper 5 Marine Moisture Meter is battery powered and built to be highly versatile. With a rugged enclosure and audible warning tone, this moisture meter includes a hold function for capturing readings when the screen may not be visible. Ideal for tracing leaks above and below decks, results which are displayed on the large analogue screen can also be sent via Bluetooth to the free Tramex App available for both Android and iOS devices for geotagging and further analysis.

Key Features

  • Fifth generation device
  • Non-destructive moisture measurements
  • 3 Ranges of sensitivity - Hard Wood / Shallow Depth / GRP
  • Capacity for dual-depth penetration
  • Deep signal penetration of up to 30mm (1 1⁄4" ) in wood and G.R.P,
  • Shallow signal penetration of up to 10mm (0.4")
  • Shallow-depth scale is akin to pin readings
  • Readings from 5% to 30% on Wood Scale & 0 to 100 on comparative scale for GRP
  • Suitable for GRP boat hulls, decks and coach roofs (sandwich or cored)
  • Bluetooth connection to free iOS & Android App
  • Geo-tagged supportive image-based documentary evidence
  • Hold Function included
  • High moisture audio warning tone
  • Large analogue display
  • Rugged, ergonomically designed enclosure

Tramex part number: SMM5


Measuring Range

  • Depth of penetration:
    Shallow signal: up to 10mm (0.40”)
    Deep signal: up to 30mm (1.25")
  • Wood Moisture Content: 5 to 30%
  • Reference scale for building materials: 0 to 100


  • Display: Analogue
  • Construction: ABS Body
  • Power: 2 x AALR6 ALKALINE (included)
  • Size: 160mm x 85mm x 38mm (6.3" x 3.5" x 1.5")
  • Weight: 270g (9.5oz)