Tramex Accessory Pack for SMM5 (E5-HBS, CALBOXSMM5 & Holster)

  • 3 useful accessory’s for the Skipper 5 Moisture Meter - SMM5
  • Includes a Calibration Check Box for regular on site checks
  • Extension handle can be used for both high places or reduce the need for crouching down
  • Pouch helps protect the SMM5 moisture meter

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Tramex Accessory Pack for SMM5 (E5-HBS, CALBOXSMM5 & Holster)

The Accessory Pack for the Tramex SMM5 - Skipper 5 Moisture meter, consists of a Calibration Check Plate, an extension handle (E5-HBS) and a handy holster pouch for the SMM5 moisture meter. The Extension Handle and clamp is useful for measuring in typically out of reach, high places. It can also be used for taking readings on the floor and thus reduces the need for crouching or kneeling. The extension handle can also be used with some other Tramex instruments like the ME5, CME5, CMEX5.

Minimum Handle Extension: 30cm (12”)
Maximum Handle Extension: 80cm (32”)

Tramex part number: APSMM5

What's In The Box?

  • Tramex Extension Handle: E5-HBS
  • Tramex Calibration Check Plate: CALBOXSMM5
  • Tramex Holster for SMM5