Tramex E5-HBS Extension Handle & Clamp

  • Compatible with all Tramex ME5, CME5, CMEX5, MEX5 and Skipper 5
  • Extension handle ranges from 30cm (12") to 80cm (32")
  • Comes complete with secure clamp
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E5-HBS Extension Handle & Clamp

The E5-HBS Extension Handle & Clamp is a particularly useful tool, providing the operator with a way to access difficult to reach areas. Designed for use with the Tramex ME5, CME5, CMEX5, MEX5 and Skipper 5 moisture meters, this accessory to perform tasks in high places, or even low to the ground as the extendable handle also reduces the need for crouching or kneeling. The handle has a minimum length of 30cm before extending up to 80cm.

Tramex part number: E5-HBS