Fever Screening Buyers Guide

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The following devices are designed for detecting elevated body temperatures, however not all thermal imagers are suitable for fever screening use.

Although a fever screening system should never be used to definitively diagnose a disease or virus, they can be of great benefit for potentially detecting illnesses and curbing the spread of infection.

Benefits Of Fever Screening

Lack of Direct Contact

Comply with social distancing protocols and spot potential signs of illness or infection while remaining at a safe distance, ranging from 5cm to 5ft apart depending on model.

Swift Process

Some systems are capable of screening up to two people every 3 seconds, averaging roughly 40 people a minute and 2,400 per hour.

Ease & Simplicity

Handheld or tripod mounted, these fever screening systems are exceedingly simple to set up and operate with many utilising a simple pass or fail process.

Handheld vs Mounted?

When choosing the right Fever Screening System for you the first important question to ask is, do you need a handheld device or are your needs more in line with a mounted system? While a handheld is often more affordable, mounted versions are all but necessary when dealing with large crowds or a consistent flow of bodies which require scanning.

Handheld Non-Contact IR Thermometers

Compact, affordable and ideal for instant deployment handheld fever screening systems are best suited for swiftly scanning individuals, providing audible alarms for instant results. Useable even in low light conditions, these battery powered devices are ergonomic, simple to operate and purpose built for smaller business or personal use.

Handheld Fever Screening Systems

Whereas Handheld Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers require manual operation and close proximity to the individual in order to obtain a reading, Handheld fever screening systems do not. While still requiring manual operation, the distance from target can increase up to 2m, further safeguarding the operator while increasing footfall.

Mounted Fever Screening Systems

With impressive thermal resolution, an excellent temperature range and an even greater operating distance, the mounted fever screening systems comprise a crucial first line of detection for small, medium or large businesses. Offering a range of features from inbuilt A.I. and automated activation, these systems are applicable in low light conditions and designed to scan large numbers without affecting foot traffic.

Handheld Non-Contact IR Thermometers

8836M Non-Contact Forehead IR Thermometer

  • Featuring a temperature range of 32˚C to 43˚C & an accuracy of ±0.2˚C
  • Useable at a distance of 1cm to 15cm from the target forehead
  • Quality tested and calibration checked in our on-site UK lab

Swiftly detect abnormal body temperatures with the the 8836M and store up to 32 readings within the internal memory. Ideal for scanning individuals, a simple hand-held solution designed to be deployed and utilised instantly.

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Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

  • Measures body temperature within a range of 32.0˚C to 42.5˚C
  • Maintain social distance with a workable range of 5cm to 15cm
  • Combining an impressive 0.1˚C resolution with an accuracy of 0.3˚C

This handheld infrared thermometer scans foreheads for an elevated body temperature before producing swift and accurate results. The user-friendly Extech IR200 offers both a visual and audible clue when an above the set limit temperature is detected.

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Handheld Fever Screening Systems

DT-870 Handheld Fever Screening Thermal Camera

  • 6,400 thermal measurement points with an accuracy of ±0.5˚C
  • The 2 inch HD TFT display has a 50Hz frame rate for detailed imagery
  • Incorporated Bluetooth connection for data sharing and analysis

A handheld device which goes beyond the capabilities of other handheld devices, the DT-870 is a full fever screening system featuring hot/cold spot detection, adjustable emissivity and the ability to store BMP format full-screen images complete with temperature measurement information. Experience the benefits of a fever screening system while retaining the mobility of a handheld instrument.

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Hikvision DS-2TP31B-3AUF Fever Screening Thermal Camera

  • Capable of scanning the target from a socially distanced 2m away
  • 160 x 120 thermal resolution alongside an 8 MP optical resolution
  • 2.4 inch LCD display with 320 x 240 resolution

Ideal for determining elevated body temperatures, this handheld thermal camera can perform fever screening while retaining an impressive distance of 2m from the target. With a measurement range of 30˚C to 45˚C the thermal images are displayed in real-time on the clear LCD display before being stored on the supplied 8G memory card.

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Mounted Fever Screening Systems

Seek Scan Body Temperature Screening Thermal Camera

  • Affordable, FDA approved, suitable for both crowds and individuals
  • Thermal sensor of 206x156 pixels scans up to 12 bodies per minute
  • Fixed Blackbody heat source ensures reliably accurate results

Advanced body temperature analysis in a compact package, this fever screening system is mounted on a tripod before being placed 1.5m away from the target individual. Crucially, this Seek Scan Thermal Camera has little impact on the flow of foot traffic, as its high sensitivity and rapid deployment offer accurate results with a simple pass / fail marking.

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FOTRIC 223B Thermal Imaging System for Fever Screening

  • Automated alarms for temperatures detected outside preset thresholds
  • A.I. facial recognition technology swiftly detects the correct target
  • 19,000 temperature points measured with 160 x 120 thermal resolution

Combining rapid fever screening with an integrated facial recognition A.I. and WLIR PC software, the FOTRIC 223B is capable of scanning 1 to 2 bodies at a time for a total of 1,200 people per hour. The automated system automatically captures digital images of every person it scans for easy identification and does not require a manual operator, creating an extremely safe fever screening system.

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FOTRIC 226B Thermal Imaging System for Fever Screening

  • Scan anywhere between 2,400 to an incredible 3,600 people per hour
  • Ideal for environments including transportation hubs, schools & factories
  • Incorporated A.I. detects facial features, ignoring extraneous heat sources

The advanced FOTRIC 226B is built for quickly scanning and analysing large quantities of people, scanning multiple faces at the same time with results ignoring other on screen heat sources such as hot drinks. With installation, commission and powering up taking a mere ten minutes, this mounted screening system uses a combination of algorithms to track and adapt to the situation, all while retaining a safe distance from the target.

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Model Type Feature Price (Ex. VAT)
8836M Handheld UK quality checked £69.00
Extech IR200 Handheld Visual & audible alarms £109.00
DT-870 Handheld 6,400 thermal measurement points £599.00
Hikvision DS-2TP31B-3AUF Handheld Thermal images displayed on 2.4" LCD screen £1,113.60
Seek Scan Mounted Fixed Blackbody heat source £1,999.00
FOTRIC 223B Mounted A.I. Facial Detection technology £2,375.00
FOTRIC 226B Mounted A.I. Facial Detection technology £3,875.00