Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro PAT Testing Kit

  • The complete App driven PAT Tester and Printer kit
  • Bluetooth connectivity to KEWPAT app and provided PAT label printer
  • Performs loan and run testing on both 230V and 110V appliances
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Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro PAT Test Kit
Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro PAT Testing Kit

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    Product Details

    Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro PAT Testing Kit

    ***SPECIAL OFFER: This product is currently available with 5 FREE KEW-80L Printer Label Rolls worth £50!***

    The Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro PAT Test Kit is based around the Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester and contains several essential accessories. The PAT tester itself is a sophisticated instrument that is capable of performing standard PAT tests in auto sequences on Class I and Class II appliances and leads. There are also more advanced testing functions such as portable RCD testing, 230V load & run testing, and extended earth bond tests. Uniquely, the Kewtech SMARTPAT even performs mains powered testing on 110V appliances as well as 230V (access to applicable voltage supply required). 

    KEWPAT App

    To benefit from the full capabilities of the The Kewtech SMARTPAT the tester is best driven from wirelessly by the KEWPAT App on a compatible Android or Apple IOS smartphone or tablet. Using the KEWPAT App the user can use the QWERTY keyboard within the device and store all test results and appliance information on the device, use the camera to tag appliance images against the results, create and share professional reports in PDF, access the inbuilt risk assessment calculator, customise preferred autotest sequences, print and scan QR/Barcodes as well as many other excellent features. The KEWPAT is also required to communicate with the KEW-80L Bluetooth label printer.

    Kewtech KEW-80L PAT Label Printer

    Supplied with the Pro kit is the KEW-80L, a small and portable Bluetooth thermal printer that produces pass/fail, barcode or QR labels via the KEWPAT App. The only consumable required are the KEW80 labels. Re-testing is sped up by scanning the labels using the scanner within the App to speed up re-testing appliances. You can even add your company logo to the printed label if you wish.

    The Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro Kit contains several accessories that help the user make the most of the PAT tester. A set of 110V adaptors are included for appliances and extension leads as well as powered testing whilst an IEC clover leaf adaptor enables testing on leads used in IT technology. Customised PAT labels can be produced using the KEW-80L PAT label printer and two label rolls are provided. 

    This product qualifies for our exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty. For more information please click here.

    Key Features

    • Downloadable PAT tester driven via Bluetooth by KEWPAT Android/Apple app
    • Performs all tests required within the IET Code of Practice including 230V/110V run/leakage tests
    • Pass / Fail screen indication
    • Supplied with Kewtech KEW-80L label printer to print pass/fail, QR code or Barcode labels.
    • Scan QR codes to speed up re-testing
    • Tag images to appliance test data using the KEWPAT App. 
    • Create professional PDF reports with your company logo. 
    • Get signature from customer in the PATApp to confirm job completion
    • Dropdown menus for customer, site, location and description
    • Kit supplied with all adaptors needed to  test 110V appliances
    • Create your own customised Auto Sequence tests
    • Add your company logo to the printed label
    • Calculate the recommended re-test frequency period using the inbuilt risk assessment calculator

    Kit Contents

    • Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester + standard accessories
    • Kewtech KEW-80L PAT label printer
    • 110V appliance adaptor
    • 110V extension lead adaptor
    • 110V power adaptor (used to connect to 110V power source)
    • Kewtech KITBAG2 carry case
    • 5 x KEW80 label rolls
    • IEC clover leaf adaptor

    What's In The Box?
    • Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester
    • Kewtech KEW-80L PAT label printer
    • 110V appliance adaptor
    • 110V extension lead adaptor
    • 110V power adaptor
    • Kewtech KITBAG2 carry case
    • 5 x KEW-80L label rolls
    • IEC clover leaf adaptor
    • Mains leads
    • Earth lead with probe and croc clip
    • 230V Extension lead adapter
    • Earth pin for nulling
    • Quickstart manual
    • Manufacturers issued calibration certificate
    More Information

    Protective Conductor Resistance Test

    • Measuring range: 0.00 - 20.00 Ω (NULL value inc)*
    • Over-range indication: > 20.00 Ω
    • Resolution: 0.01Ω
    • Open-circuit voltage: 5 V ±0.4 V DC
    • Measuring current: 200 mA DC (nominal value)
    • Accuracy: ±3%rdg ±5dgt

    Mains Voltage

    • Display range: 30 - 270 V
    • Hi/ Lo indication: < 30 V: No voltage indication; > 270 V: 270 V
    • Resolution & Accuracy: 1 V & ±3%rdg ±5dgt


    • Rated voltage: 250V / 500V
    • Measuring range: 0.00 - 20.00 MΩ
    • Over-range indication: > 20.00 MΩ
    • Resolution: 0.01 MΩ
    • No-load voltage: 250 V DC +20%, -0% / 500 V DC +20%, -0%
    • Short-circuit current: 1.5 mA DC or less
    • Rated current :1 -1.2 mA with a load of 0.25 MΩ 1 to 1.2 mA with a load of 0.5 MΩ
    • Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt

    Substitute Leakage

    • Measuring range 0.10 - 12.00 mA rms
    • Over-range indication > 12.00 mA
    • Resolution 0.01mA
    • Open-circuit voltage/ Freq. 30 V ±5 V rms / 50 Hz ±5%
    • Measuring current 1.2 mA AC ±0.5 mA (when measuring 12.00 mA)
    • Accuracy ±3%rdg±5dgt

    Insulation Test Between L-N

    • Open-circuit voltage: 4.5 V ±0.5 V DC
    • Criteria of judgement: 100 kΩ ±20 kΩ or less: LCD shows “<0.10 MΩ” and the measurement is halted.

    Run Leakage (Item: Load current / Leakage current)

    • Mains voltage range: 100 - 253 V / 50 Hz
    • Measuring range: 0.10 - 13.00 A rms 0.10 - 20.00 mA rms
    • Display range: 0.00 - 13.00 A 0.00 - 20.00 mA
    • Over-range indication: > 13.00 A > 20.00 mA
    • Resolution: 0.01A / 0.01mA
    • Accuracy: ±10%rdg ±5dgt / ±3%rdg ±5dvgt
    • Max. rating: 3 kVA max., 15 sec. cont. / -

    RCD Test

    • Rated voltage 230 V - 15% to +10% / 50Hz
    • Rated current 10 mA / 30 mA
    • Test duration ×1: 0.0 ms - 500.0 ms / ×5: 0.0 ms - 40.0 ms
    • Test current accuracy: 2% - 8%
    • Operating time accuracy: ±2 ms ( 40 ms) ±8 ms (>40 ms)