Martindale PD690 Proving Unit

This unit produces 690 Volts AC to enable voltage indicators to be fully checked. Use it to check voltage indicators with ranges above 250V.
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Martindale PD690 Proving Unit

This product is discontinued, it has been replaced by the Martindale PD690S Proving Unit.

The Martindale PD690 proving unit is battery powered but produces 690 Volts AC/DC to enable contact type voltage indicators to be fully checked. This unit is suitable for indicators with 230V and 415 / 440V AC or DC detection ranges, such as the Martindale VI13800 non fused voltage indicator (see below). The PD690 is one of the few proving units to check indicators with ranges above 250V. The PD690 can also check Drummond test lamps and other filament lamps due to its output being sufficient to illuminate the bulb. The unit is not designed to be used with multimeters.

Important Information

The Martindale PD690 Proving unit puts out a hazardous voltage and must only be used by a qualified person and in accordance with the manufacturers instruction supplied with the unit.