Martindale Electrical test equipment, voltage indicators, meters and proving devices are used by electrical engineers, electricians and service engineers worldwide. We are an authorised Martindale Electric distributor and supplier. There's a great selection of HandyPAT testers and EasyPAT testers to choose from like the hand held HandyPAT 600 and the popular EasyPAT 1600, it's call EasyPAT for a reason! Martindale approved safety voltage indicators like the VI13800 and proving units help during safe isolation procedures to ensure electrical systems are dead.

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  • Cable Finder Head to Head: Martindale CD1000 vs CEM CLS20

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    As any electrician knows, it’s very straightforward to trace cables… providing you can see them. As soon as they’re buried in walls or under floor spaces, finding cables becomes a laborious combination of educated guesswork, luck and dogged persistence, aided by an insight into whatever was going on in the crazed mind of the person who installed them in such a bizarre topology.

    Cable finders such as the Martindale CD1000 and CEM CLS20 claim to put an end to all your cable-finding problems. But do they deliver all they promise? And which should you spend your money on: the CLS20 (currently £119 + VAT), or the CD1000 (£259 + VAT)? Continue reading