Martindale Electric

With over 90 years of experience in electrical testing and measurement, Martindale Electric is a well-established and trusted brand that remains continually innovative through its introduction of new products every year. Martindale is an industry leader in safe isolation, providing reliable solutions to ensure circuits have been safely de-energised prior to contact. In addition to this, Martindale also boasts the claim of having invented the original mains socket tester and the first automatic non-trip, plug-in loop tester.

Martindale’s range includes some of the smallest and lightest PAT testers on the market in the HandyPAT and EastPAT. They also provide a number of other electrical test and measurement tools, including; clamp meters, anemometers, light meters, tachometers, thermometers, phase rotation testers, moisture meters, and more.

With a great track record for innovation and extensive history, Martindale is a great choice for any of your test and measurement needs.

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