Kane 100-1 CO and CO2 Indoor Air Quality Analyser

The Kane 100-1 is an ambient CO and CO2 analyser primarily suited for checking the efficiency of flueless gas appliances. The Kane 100 - 1 is designed to assist the accurate monitoring of water heaters and kitchen equipment. The model features a wide ranging sensor with CO measurements up to 1000ppm and a NDIR sensor which detects CO2 concentration up to 10000ppm.
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Kane 100-1 Ambient CO and CO2 Indoor Air Quality Analyser

Please note that this product is no longer available and has been replaced by the Kane 101 Indoor Air Quality Analyser.

The Kane 100 – 1 is a high specification ambient CO and CO2 analyser designed to accurately capture and measure CO2 and CO data.

The analyser is primarily effective in proving the efficiency of flueless gas appliances. The most common applications include kitchen appliances and water powered heating systems which often suffer from hazardous CO and CO2 build up.

The Kane 100 – 1 is also versatile enough to measure indoor air quality (IAQ). This is useful in events where poorly maintained appliances have increased the CO2 levels in an environment which can potentially be hazardous.

The built in electromechanical sensor has the capacity to measure CO up to 1000ppm alternatively the NDIR infrared sensor measures CO2 concentration up to 10000ppm. The high definition screen simultaneously displays both measurements an interesting time saving feature.

A major benefit over other Air quality analysers is the Kane 100 – 1’s internal memory. Store 255 independent records ideal for more in-depth analysis of captured data. The 100 - 1 also allows a user to configure variable sampling time from 1 – 10 seconds.  

The Kane 100-1 Ambient CO and CO2 Analyser offers many great features designed to save a gas engineer time and is a great option for professional contractors meeting test requirements for BS6230, BS6896 and BS6173.

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Kane 100-1 Ambient CO and CO2 Analyser Main Features

  • Monitor ambient CO2 and CO levels
  • Internal memory holds up to 255 records (optional 1 – 10 minute time sampling)
  • Internal memory stores date and time
  • User adjustable CO2 and CO alarms
  • Compatible with Kane Infrared printer via built inbuilt infra red emitter
  • Long life NiMh batteries and charger included
  • Built in reactive internal pump for quick effective measurements of indoor air and ducts
  • Silently sample high profile and public areas with the sampling hose included
  • User Customisable headers 

What's In The Box?

  • Kane 100-1 Ambient CO and CO2 Analyser
  • Kane Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
  • Long sampling Probe and hose
  • SGAFP Probe
  • Spare Spigot
  • Protective Rubber Sleeve with Integral Magnet
  • Kane Soft Carry Case
  • Full Kane Instruction manual

Gas Measurement

  • Carbon Monoxide - Resoultion - 1ppm
  • Carbon Monoxide - Accuracy - ±5 ppm < 100ppm, ±5% > 100ppm , ±10% > 1000ppm
  • Carbon Monoxide - Specified Range - 1000ppm
  • Carbon Monoxide - Over Range - 2000ppm
  • Carbon Dioxide - Resolution - 1ppm
  • Carbon Dioxide - Accuracy - ±20ppm < 400ppm, ±5% < 4000ppm, ±10% > 4000ppm
  • Carbon Dioxide - Specified Range - 200 - 4000ppm
  • Carbon Dioxide - Over Range - 9999ppm
  • Dimensions -  Weight 1Kg / 2.2lb
  • Handset - 200mm x 45mm x 90mm (7.9" x 1.8" x 3.5")
  • Probe - L 300mm x Dia 6mm with stainless steel shaft 200mm, L 11.8" x Dia 0.25" / 7.8" long stainless steel shaft
  • Ambient Operating Range - 0ºC to 45ºC (32-104ºF) 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
  • Battery Life - 6 hours from full charge
  • Battery Charger - Input: 100 - 240 V ac 50 - 60 Hz Output: 10V dc @ 800 mA

For more detailed Specification please see the Kane 100-1 Data sheet 

Label Type Size Download
pdf Kane 100 Co and CO2 Analyser Datasheet pdf 1.8 MB Download