Kane 101 Indoor Air Quality Analyser

  • Measure CO, CO2, temperature, humidity and air flow
  • Save up to 24 hours of readings in internal memory
  • Monitors performance of flueless gas appliances
  • Qualifies for KANE CARE after sales support
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Kane 101 Indoor Air Quality Analyser

The Kane 101 Indoor Air Quality Analyser featuring room air quality & flow measurement is ideal for commercial catering kitchens. Capable of measuring & logging Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), this Kane Analyser is suitable for ensuring flueless gas appliances including space heaters, water heaters & kitchen equipment are operating safely. When performing indoor air quality checks (IAQ) around air conditioning units & kitchen extractor fans the 101 model performs the following measurements.

  • Ambient CO 0-1,000ppm
  • Ambient CO2 200-4,000ppm
  • Probe temperature -20° 200-4,000ppm
  • Probe temperature -20° to +60°
  • Probe humidity 10 to 95% RH
  • Probe air flow 0.3-30m/s

A datalogging instrument the Kane 101 can save readings from a timed log set anywhere between 1 to 24 hours, in a large internal memory. With factory fitted upgrades available, this monitor will automatically self calibrate in order to maintain accuracy. A particle filter and water trap are also included in order to aid in preventing damaging ingress within the Kane 101. Record & log tests including room CO with variable sampling times up to 30 minutes, this is incredibly useful for:

  • Sweep test
  • Migration test
  • Type C sealed appliance
  • Type B boiler open flue
  • Type A cooker
  • Water heaters & space heaters

Incorporating an easy-to-use rotary switch and with wireless built-in, the Kane 101 Indoor Air Quality Analyser also features an autozero CO2 sensor which removes the need to manually zero the CO2 sensor. Results are shown on the six-line display and a hold button freezes the current set of readings on screen. Saved readings can be recalled or printed out with user details via an optional additional infrared printer

Kane Live & Printer Apps

The Kane Live App is compatible with Android Devices and free from the Play Store. This multilingual App includes several extremely useful features beneficial for anyone with a Flue Gas Analyser. See your test results live on your smart device and even tag them with real-time GPS data & printouts all while still physically on site. Printouts can be shared along with downloaded analyser logs as CSV files, with analyser user details amendable within the App itself.

The Kane Printer App is compatible with Android/iOS and is free from both the Play & App Store. With this app users can quickly connect to their analyser and view test results before emailing them to their contacts. Log each test location via GPS then save printouts to edit before transfer. Fully customise personal notes even in poor lighting conditions as a useful NightMode is incorporated within the app.

Kane Care

This product qualifies for Kane Care after sales support, guaranteeing you a 10 year 'No Quibble' warranty for your annual service, same day service & recertification and free tracked, next day delivery to Kane with returns. For more information please visit Kane.co.uk.

Key Features

  • Indoor air quality analyser
  • Air room quality and flow measurement testing
  • Suitable for commercial catering kitchens
  • Measures and logs results
  • Ideal for flueless appliances
  • Measures ambient CO between 0-1,000ppm and ambient CO2 between 200-4,000ppm
  • Temperature & relative humidity measurements provided
  • Timed log 1-24 hours available
  • Factory fitted upgrades available
  • Automatic self-calibration function
  • Records & logs tests with variable sampling time up to 30 minutes
  • Useful for Sweep tests, Migration tests and more
  • Tactile rotary dial
  • Large digital screen with six rows of data
  • Hold data function
  • Wireless built-in
  • Compatible with optional Kane printer

Kane part number: 101

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What's In The Box?
  • Kane 101 Indoor Air Quality Analyser
  • SGAP Sample Probe
  • 19278 Charger
  • Manual
  • Calibration report
More Information
  • Ambient CO: 1 to 1000ppm
  • Ambient CO2: 200 to 4000ppm
  • Air temperature: -20˚C to 60˚C
  • Humidity: 10 to 95% RH
  • Air flow: 0.3 to 30m/s
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    Kane 101 Indoor Air Quality Analyser AFM Kit

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