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We supply a great range of Kane flue gas analysers and combustion gas analyser kits to HVAC engineers. These popular emissions testing kits are great for use on domestic boilers and commercial boiler heating systems. We also supply a CPA1 kit and Oil and smoke test kit.

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  • Detecting and Measuring Dangerous Carbon Monoxide Gases


    Carbon monoxide CO is a killer gas that can strike without warning to both humans and pets it’s also odourless, tasteless and colourless so it can be hard to detect by human senses alone. Every year in the UK people of all ages die or suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. Some have even suffered brain damage and paralysis although this is most likely if the individual has breathed in CO over a long period.

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  • Carbon Monoxide & Boiler Commissioning: What is Technical Bulletin 143?


    Introduced in April 2013, Technical Bulletin 143 from the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) outlines a safer procedure for commissioning condensing boilers without air/gas ratio valves. Following a small number of carbon monoxide poisoning incidents involving newly commissioned units, the HHIC, boiler manufacturers and other industry bodies have worked together to produce a new testing procedure that is clear, safe and comprehensive.

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  • Which Kane Flue Gas Analyser is Right for Me?


    Test-Meter.co.uk currently stocks a wide range of Kane Flue Gas Analysers suitable for use on a variety of different combustion systems including boilers, flueless appliances and professional catering appliances. With several different measurement functions available and compatibility with various fuel types, this post aims to explain the different options and help gas engineers select the right instrument for them.

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