FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • High-resolution 384 x 288 pixel thermal sensor with <30mK thermal sensitivity
  • Extremely clear image through auto-focus and MSX® 
  • Photos and videos saved alongside visible images from 5.0 megapixel camera
More Info

FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera for Building

This product has been discontinued, it has been replaced by the FLIR E86 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera.

The FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera for Building is part of FLIR’s advanced thermal camera range for building applications. It has a wide measurement range of -20˚C to 1200˚C and this is rendered via a 384 x 288 pixel thermal sensor which provides extremely clear thermal images and videos. The extremely high thermal sensitivity of 30mK means that air and surface temperature differences of just 0.03˚C are shown on the vibrant 4” colour display. The FLIR E85 is the It is the perfect IR camera for improving reliability and safety in plants and troubleshooting in buildings because the accurate (±2˚C to 2%) temperature measurement and precise depiction renders signs of malfunction visible - hot spots, moisture or air leaks, for example - before they present a safety hazard or affect production.

The bright screen has a range of different colour palette options whilst on-screen area measurement of moisture patches gives an immediate indication as to the extent of a leak. Laser-assisted autofocus helps keep images clear whilst extra detail and perspective is added by the MSX® function which makes use of the integrated 5.0-megapixel digital camera. The FLIR E85’s maximum field of view is 42˚ but closer inspection is possible with 24˚ and 14˚ lenses which can be selected on the menu above. An exact temperature reading is provided alongside the thermal image and an array of alarms highlight potential problems. Furthermore, there are three measurement spots which can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences.

The touch-screen interface is supplemented by intuitive menus, options, triggers and buttons whilst the light, ergonomic shape is easy to handle when carrying out extensive inspections. An included SD card has space for thousands of images and videos alongside their visible-light counterparts and these can be downloaded through USB or via wi-fi to smart devices. Meterlink® connectivity also allows communication with FLIR moisture meters. Furthermore, once downloaded, images from the FLIR E85 can be enhanced using UltraMax software and FLIR Thermal Studio Suite software for purposes such as audits and insurance claims as well as plant troubleshooting. The user can add voice annotations to files which means that notes can be appended seamlessly during operation.

The FLIR E85 comes supplied with a range of different accessories and allows the user to make swift, accurate inspections of plants and structures in order to catch faults before they develop into major problems. The product has FLIR’s impressive 2-10 warranty and can stand up to the rigours of regular field use.

FLIR part number: 78503-0201

Features by Camera E53 E75 E85 E95
IR Resolution 240 x 180 (43.200 Pixel) 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels) 384 x 288 (110,592 pixels) 464 x 348 (161,472 pixels)
Object Temperature Ranges -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1200°F) -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1200°F) -20°C to 1200°C (-4°F to 2192°F) -20°C to 1500°C (-4°F to 2732°F)
Time-lapse (Infrared) No No No 10 sec to 24 hours
Spotmeter   1 in live mode 3 in live mode 3 in live mode
Common Features
Detector Type and Pitch Uncooled microbolometer, 17 µm
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD < 0.03°C @ 30°C (86°F)
Spectral Range 7.5 - 14.0 µm
Image Frequency 30 Hz
Imaging and Optical Data
Field of View (FOV) 24° x 18° (18 mm lens) 42° x 32° (10 mm lens), 24° x 18° (18 mm lens), 14° x 10° (29 mm lens)
Minimum Focus Distance 0.5 m (18 mm lens)
F-Number f/1.3
Lens Identification Automatic
Focus Continuous, one-shot laser distance meter (LDM), one-shot contrast, manual
Digital Zoom 1-4x continuous

What's In The Box?

  • FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Li-ion battery (2 ea)
  • Battery charger with power supply
  • Front lens and light protection
  • Straps (hand and wrist)
  • Lanyards 
  • Lens caps (front and rear)
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • 15 W3 A power supply
  • Printed documentation
  • 8 GB SD card 
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Cables (USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C,USB Type-C to HDMI, USB Type-C to USB Type-C)
  • Calibration Certificate
  • IR Resolution: 384 x 288 (110,592 pixels)
  • Object Temperature Range: -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F) 0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1200°F), 300°C to 1200°C (572°F to 2192°F)
  • Time-lapse (Infrared): No
Measurement Features
  • Area Measurement Information: Yes
  • Spotmeter: 3 in live mode
  • Area: 3 in live mode
More Features
  • Detector Type and Pitch: Uncooled microbolometer, 17 µm
  • Thermal Sensitivity/NETD: <0.03°C @ 30°C (86°F)
  • Spectral Range: 7.5 - 14.0 µm
  • Image Frequency: 30 Hz
  • Field of View (FOV): 42° x 32° (10 mm lens), 24° x 18° (17 mm lens), 14° x 10° (29 mm lens)
  • F-Number: f/1.1, f/1.3
  • Lens Identification: Automatic
  • Focus: Continuous, one-shot laser distance meter (LDM), one-shot contrast, manual
  • Digital Zoom: 1-4x continuous
Image Presentation and Modes
  • Display: 4”, 640 x 480 optically-bonded PCAP touchscreen, with 400 cd/m2 surface brightness
  • Digital Camera: 5 MP, 53° x 41° FOV
  • Colour Palettes: Iron, Gray, Rainbow, Arctic, Lava, Rainbow HC
  • Image Modes: Infrared, visual, MSX®, Picture-in-Picture
  • Picture-in-Picture: Resizable and movable
  • MSX®: Embosses visual details on full resolution thermal image
  • UltraMax™: Super-resolution process quadruples pixel count, activated in FLIR Tools+
Measurement and Analysis
  • Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading for ambient temperature 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) and object temperature above 0°C (32°F)
  • Alarms: Moisture alarm, insulation alarm, measurement alarms
  • Colour Alarm (Isotherm): Above/below/interval/condensation/insulation
  • Laser Distance Measurement: Yes, on-screen
  • Measurement Presets: No measurement, center spot, hot spot, cold spot, User Preset 1, User Preset 2
  • Compass, GPS: Yes; automatic GPS image tagging
  • METERLiNK®: Yes; several readings?
Image Storage
  • Storage Media: Removable SD card (8 GB)
  • Image File Format: Standard radiometric JPEG, measurement data included
Video Recording and Streaming
  • Radiometric IR Video Recording: Real-time radiometric recording (.csq)
  • Non-Radiometric IR or Visual Video: H.264 to memory card
  • Radiometric IR Video Streaming: Yes, over UVC or Wi-Fi
  • Non-Radiometric IR Video Streaming: H.264 or MPEG-4 over Wi-Fi; MJPEG over UVC or Wi-Fi
  • Communication Interfaces: USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Video Out: DisplayPort over USB Type-C
Additional Data
  • Battery Type: Li-ion battery, charged in camera or on separate charger
  • Battery Operating Time: Approx. 2.5 hours at 25°C (77°F) ambient temperature and typical use
  • Operating Temperature Range: –15°C to 50°C (5°F to 122°F)
  • Storage Temperature Range: –40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
  • Shock/Vibration/Encapsulation; Safety: 25 g / IEC 60068-2-27, 2 g / IEC 60068-2-6, IP 54 /IEC 60529; EN/UL/CSA/PSE 60950-1
  • Weight/Dimensions w/o Lens: 1 kg (2.2 lbs), 27.8 x 11.6 x 11.3 cm (11.0 x 4.6 x 4.4 in)