Kewtech ELC800 Voltage Detection Kit

The Kewtech ELC800 Voltage Detection Kit includes the new KEW1780 voltage indicator, KEWPROVE 3 & Carry Case and meets GS38 recommendations
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Kewtech ELC800 Voltage Detection Kit

The Kewtech ELC800 Voltage Detection Kit includes both the Kewtech KEW1780 voltage indicator and the Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit in one spacious carry pouch. The kit meets the Health and Safety GS 38 safety recommendation for exposed tips on the probes. This is an ideal bundle which comprises two of the most important 17th Edition accessories every engineer should own.

The KT1780 is a 2 pole Voltage Detector capable of testing AC & DC Voltage up to 690V. The GS38 probes are slender meeting the latest IEC 61243-3 and IEC 61010-1 standards and measurement category CAT IV 600V. The ideal accessory for engineers performing tests on recessed terminals like RCBOs. in addition the probe features bright luminous LEDs which show step voltage levels along with a clear audible tone and a built in torch. The 1780 is a versitile voltage detector capable of performing polarity, single pole phase, continuity and self diagnostic test to ensure accurate operation.

All voltage detectors should be tested before and after use with a proving unit to confirm the long term reliability of results given whilst testing live circuits.

Kewtech's Kewprove 3 is a strong portable proving unit which outputs 690V AC/DC complete with two contact points for easy operation. The sole purpose of the Proving unit is to enable technicians to verify the KT1780 voltage detector. This proving unit is an essential accompaniment to the KT1780 as it will prove circuits are not live thus keeping a user safe. The KEWPROVE 3 is resourceful as it will also prove the integrity of fuses in fused test leads and its rear metal panel makes it mountable.

The KEWPROVE Proving unit puts out a hazardous voltage and must only be used by a qualified person and in accordance with the manufacturers instruction supplied with the unit.

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