Metrix BioTest VX0003 Electric Field Strength Tester

Quickly test electric field strength in homes and offices in accordance with 2004/40/CE European directive. Measures from 10Hz to 3kHz in Volts per m
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Metrix BioTest VX0003 Electric Field Strength Meter - EMF Tester

The BioTest VX0003 Electric Field Strength Tester from Metrix provides a simple and economical method of testing the level of electromagnetic pollution in accordance with the Physical Agents Directive 2004/40/EC.

According to directive 2004/40/EC employers have an obligation to assess and measure the levels of electromagnetic fields to which workers are exposed. The hand held Metrix BioTest VX0003 Electric Field StrengthMeter offers a rapid and simple way to comply to this EU directive.

Suitable for both private and professional use, this electro-magnetic field tester has a measurement range allowing it to be used to test the pollution generated by the electrical power distribution network inside houses and offices.

The VX0003 Electric Field Strength Tester is ideal not only for employers, but also electricians, PAT testers and those working in the housing and industry sectors.

Metrix BioTest VX0003 Electric Field Strength Meter - EMF Tester Key Features:

  • Tests electric field intensity in accordance with current and future standards (including 1999/819/CE and 2004/40/CE)
  • Equipped with an internal antenna capable of measurements from 10Hz to 3kHz
  • Representative field testing which takes the users presence into account
  • Traditional method that measures fields referenced to earth
  • Dual scale LED display of electric field intensity
  • Instant audible identification of field levels
  • Reliable and metrologically calibrated EMF tester

What's In The Box?

  • Metrix VX0003 Electric Field Strength Tester
  • 5m Earth Cable (HX0103)
  • Socket Tester
  • Belt Bag (HX0104)

Measurement Sensitivity & Accuracy

  • 2 sensitivity ranges (compatible with standards): 5 to 100V/m 100 to 2,000V/m
  • Accuracy (in “laboratory” conditions): ±10% on LEDs thresholds

Measurement Frequency Range

  • Analysis of equipment connected to the mains: 10Hz to 3kHz
  • Power: 9V battery (included): Battery life 60 - 80 hours
  • Safety: Single earth terminal
  • Protection: Protected reference contact
  • IP65 protection
  • Dimensions: 63.6 x 163 x 40 mm
  • Weight: approx. 200g with battery
  • Warranty: 2 years

For more detailed specifications please see the following pdf Metrel MD 9210 Mini clamp meter