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  1. What is Partial Discharge and How to Detect it

    What is Partial Discharge and How to Detect it

    Partial discharge is an electrical discharge that does not bridge the space between two conducting electrodes, typically as a result of a localised breakdown in cable insulation in high-voltage systems. Due to the discharge not spanning the entirety of the insulation, thus not being electrode to electrode, the discharge is referred to as ‘partial’ in nature.

    Partial discharge can be classified according to three primary types: internal partial discharge, occurring inside insulation; surface partial discharge, tracking across insulation; and corona partial discharge, from a sharp electrode into gas. Each kind of partial discharge is likely to manifest itself differently, however the effects are always harmful if left unchecked, degrading insulation’s protection over time. In most cases, insulation will eventually become unable to withstand the high voltage load, resulting in failure and the possibility of dangerous arc flashes. It has been observed that up to 80% of sub-station failu

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  2. DiLOG Launch Exciting New EV Range

    DiLOG Launch Exciting New EV Range

    DiLOG have launched a brand-new range, specifically designed to support engineers working within the electric vehicle (EV) market. This latest offering includes 2 new products in the DL9130EV Multifunction Tester and DLEV1 EVSE Adaptor, both available to be purchased separately or together within the DL9130EV Kit, priced at the impressively low cost of just £999.

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  3. IGEM Guidance on CO Alarm Activation & Fumes Reports

    IGEM Guidance on CO Alarm Activation & Fumes Reports

    In March 2022 the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) published a 17 page supplement to their G 11 “Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure” document. This supplement, titled “Responding to domestic CO alarm activations/reports of fumes after attendance by the emergency service provider or the Liquefied Petroleum Gas supplier”, is intended to offer additional guidance to engineers who experience reports of a CO alarm activation or fumes in present within a domestic premise.

    The guidance provides a safe procedure for addressing these situations, including when to escalate the incident to a specially qualified engineer, such as someone holding a CMDDA1 certificate. The procedure assumes the engineer is using a calibrated EN50379 approved Flue Gas Analyser, such as a Kane analyser, to establish if a genuine danger

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  4. May 2022 Testo Product Promotions

    May 2022 Testo Product Promotions

    Testo have come through with two new exiting promotions on their flu gas analyser and digital refrigerant manifold ranges, active from 1st May 2022.

    You will receive a free work surface protector with any Testo 300, 300LL, 327-1 or 320-B flue gas analyser, helping to keep your surfaces free of damage and dirt. Likewise, any customers purchasing a Testo 550i,

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  5. Top 3 Considerations When Installing EV Charge Points

    Top 3 Considerations When Installing EV Charge Points

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  6. Radiodetection C.A.T4 Range Update

    Radiodetection C.A.T4 Range Update

    Since the 1970’s, Radiodetection has pioneered the development of cable avoidance technology, creating a series of rugged and reliable instruments capable of accurately detecting underground infrastructure. The C.A.T (cable avoidance tool) series remains one of Radiodetection’s most popular product lines, sporting a wide range of models with a variety of features.

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  7. Test Meter Celebrates 3000 Trustpilot Reviews

    Test Meter Celebrates 3000 Trustpilot Reviews

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  8. Kane Flue Gas Analyser Series

    Which Kane Flue Gas Analyser is Right For You?

    Kane’s numerous flue gas analyser series are amongst the most popular on the market. Kane has become a staple in the test and measurement industry, renowned for their quality products and unrivalled after sale support. However, with the impressive number of Kane analysers available to customers, it can often prove challenging to select the ideal analyser and accessories for the task at hand.

    To help our customers make an informed choice, we’ve created this article to compare and contrast the various Kane analyser models and accessory kit options. In this post, we’re going to focus on Kane’s 258, 358 and 458s, a popular series of analysers primarily intended for the service and installation of home appliances, making them popular choices amongst domestic gas and heating engineers. However, we will also provide a brief overview of some of Kane’s other offerings, including commercial analysers and their uses. So, if you’re currently considering a new Kane analyser or could use some he

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  9. FLIR Thermal Camera Home Inspection

    Reducing Home Energy Costs Through Thermal Imaging

    According to the Office for National Statistics, 66% of adults reported an increase in living costs in January 2022. Of those who reported a rise, 79% cited higher gas and electricity bills as a leading cause. With energy costs rising sharply as a result of the 12% increase in the OFGEM energy price cap in October 2021, it’s no surprise that many households are becoming increasingly interested in making energy cost savings. In addition to these homeowner concerns, environmental considerations are also present amongst much of the population when looking at their energy efficiency, with 22% of UK carbon emissions driven by maintaining a habitable home.

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