Kane’s numerous flue gas analyser series are amongst the most popular on the market. Kane has become a staple in the test and measurement industry, renowned for their quality products and unrivalled after sale support. However, with the impressive number of Kane analysers available to customers, it can often prove challenging to select the ideal analyser and accessories for the task at hand.

To help our customers make an informed choice, we’ve created this article to compare and contrast the various Kane analyser models and accessory kit options. In this post, we’re going to focus on Kane’s 258, 358 and 458s, a popular series of analysers primarily intended for the service and installation of home appliances, making them popular choices amongst domestic gas and heating engineers. However, we will also provide a brief overview of some of Kane’s other offerings, including commercial analysers and their uses. So, if you’re currently considering a new Kane analyser or could use some help assessing the the range of kits available, this is the article for you.

Kane Domestic Flue Gas Analysers - 258 vs 358 vs 458s

The Kane 258 is the entry level analyser in the series, featuring measurement functionality for temperature, CO and O2. Typical applications for the 258 include combustion performance and efficiency checks. Calculation features for this model include CO/CO2 ratio, CO2 0-20%, excess air and combustion efficiency. A well-rounded instrument, this unit is compatible with appliances using natural gas, LPG, butane, light oil, propane, biomass, wood pellets and is H2 ready up to a 20% blend. Although it lacks some of the convenience features and functionality of its bigger brothers, the 258 is a robust analyser at a highly competitive price, well-suited to supporting those installing and servicing gas or oil boilers.

Building on the functionality of the 258, the Kane 358 possess all of the same impressive capability and fuel compatibility, but brings several other key features to the table, including differential pressure measurement (±80 mBar), differential temperature measurement and test sequences. These additional features make the 358 the ideal choice for the engineer who requires applications beyond combustion performance/efficiency checks, such as flue draught checks, boiler commissioning tests, let-by and tightness tests.

As one of Kane’s flagship domestic analysers, the Kane 458s possesses all of the functionality of its 258 and 358 siblings, but goes further to offer the most extensive range of features seen in this range. Compatible with appliances up to 120KW output, the 458s straddles the line between commercial and domestic analyser, with potential applications in both environments. Upgraded sensors, wireless connectivity and Kane Link functionality come as standard in this model, enabling you to connect wirelessly to other Kane Link enabled accessories (such as Kane WPCP2 Wireless Pipe Clamp Probes). In addition to measuring CO within the flue, the 458s can also measure ambient CO within the environment, enabling CO safety checks to be conducted through the device. This model also has a number of optional sensor additions such as NO, NO2, SO2 and high range CO measurement. With the convenience of additional quality of life features (wireless functionality, Kane Link etc), wide range of detectable gasses and optional additional sensors, the 458s is an analyser best suited to those requiring the most complete solution available within a domestic context, with potential for use in some smaller-scale commercial environments.

Kane 457

The 457 stands alone from most of Kane’s other analysers, with the addition of a CO content/ambient air quality meter integrated into the unit making it a unique offering. Suitable for use with natural gas, butane, propane, LPG 28 sec/35 sec oil and wood pellets installation, the 457 can be used in commissioning and servicing of domestic gas and oil appliances, in addition to commercial catering appliances. For those operating within a role that requires this combination of functionalities/applications, or a specific requirement for ambient air quality assessment functionality, the 457 may be your best option.

Kane Commercial/Industrial Analysers

When operating within an industrial or commercial environment, analysers capable of working with higher outputs and stack draught pressures may be required. For those working with smaller commercial boilers (up to 120KW & 50mbar stack draught), the Kane 458s (as mentioned above) or Kane 958 are appropriate. Both models are compatible and can be adequately equipped with an array of additional sensors. For users working with even greater values, Kane 988 and 9206 Quintox support stack draughts in excess of 50 mbar, making them well-equipped for larger commercial boilers, marine boilers, industrial engines and compressors.

Kits & Accessories

The Kane 258, 358 and 458s are all available as a standalone unit, or in 1 of 4 different kit variations: Standard kit, PRO Kit, CPA1 Kit or Oil Kit. Each kit contains a variety of accessories depending on that kits intended use. The Standard Kit offers the useful addition of a portable infrared printer, enabling you to print test results on the go, while the PRO, CPA1 and Oil Kits provide additional probes, tubes, gauges and sensors to enhance their usability in a variety of scenarios. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive comparison chart showing each kit and its contents, allowing you to assess which accessories might be useful in your intended application.

  Standalone Analyser Standard Kit PRO Kit CPA1 Kit Oil Kit
FGA, CP2 Probe & USB1 Charger
Kane-IRP3 Printer -
17820 Soft Case - - - -
14102/2 Large Soft Case - - -
20106 Backpack - - - -
GLD Gas Leak Detector - - -
KAL1 & KPCP2 (x2) Temp Probes - - -
HARHOSE Pressure tubing - - -
ASP3 Oven, Grill & Fire Probes - - - -
KANEMSP & SP9 Smoke Pump & Papers - - - -
18121 Oil Gauges - - - -

Kane Care, Warranty and Calibration

Regardless of which option is best for you, every analyser discussed here qualifies for Kane Care, guaranteeing you a 10 year ’no quibble’ warranty, provided your analyser is returned to Kane for an annual same-day service and recertification. Kane’s analyser calibration and recertification service ensures your instrument is serviced and is returned to you via free tracked delivery on the same day it’s received, or the service is free.

Still Confused?

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