PAT Tester Buyers Guide

We here at Test Meter know that choosing the right PAT Tester can be more than a little daunting. No matter your level of experience, the sheer amount of features, functions and accessories on offer can leave you feeling more confused than ever. With a wide range of products to select from, we aim to make this process as simple as possible whilst still providing you with all the information you need to avoid the cost of outsourcing.

For example every PAT Tester we offer, at the very least, performs the necessary mandatory tests recommended within the IET's Code of Practice. From simple pass/fail appliance checkers to more industrial solutions, from leading manufacturers such as Seaward, Kewtech, Metrel & Megger, this buyers guide will find the right PAT tester for you.



Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Choosing the right PAT Testers can seem daunting, but it can be made much easier by asking yourself a few basic questions. Considering the questions below will quickly narrow down the vast range to just a few options:

What is my budget?

The first of which is of course, how much do I want to spend? If you only need a simple Pass/Fail unit for a handful of PAT tests, chances are you don't really need to be dropping thousands of pounds on all the extra bells and whistles. Likewise, it could be that spending that bit more initially will save time and hassle in the long wrong which could save you time and avoid buying twice. You can filter buy price if this helps on our PAT Testers category page


Volume of PAT testing?

Next up, try and consider how many appliances you will need to test and how often? Are you working with a few electrical appliances once a year, or are you testing appliances on a regular or daily basis? The right model for a landlord annually checking household appliances would certainly not be the right model for a full time PAT contractor or a Duty Holder operating within a large manufacturing plant or school. The answer to this question will inevitably assist with decisions concerning features you will need and potentially help dictate the budget needed also.


Battery powered and portable OR mains powered and stationary?

Ask yourself whether the environment(s) you are testing within lends itself to testing appliances where they are operated or does it make better sense to gather them and perform tests in one location.

As a contractor you would almost certainly want a battery powered and portable PAT tester as you never know what the environment would dictate. As speed of testing and portability to adapt to working environments has become increasingly important most PAT testers are now battery powered. But there are still excellent mains powered testers available, ideal for workshops and other areas where testing is carried out from one location. Some battery powered testers will have the ability to perform some mains operated tests such as Earth Leakage tests and RCD testing when connected to a mains supply.


How should I record my test results?

Remember, PAT testing is all about traceability. If you are offering PAT testing as a service, then your client will almost certainly require a report of the testing. Basically, PAT testing involves a lot of data capturing. PAT results and appliance info is typically logged either by hand (using pen and paper), manually entered into a PAT testing phone app (more info below) or downloaded from some PAT tester models onto a computer or App. The last option will save a significant amount of time and could further speed up re-testing appliances using scanners and printers.

As this option will, to a varying degree, impact budget it should really be considered next to the question regarding volume of testing. So, for instance, if you are testing less than 100 appliances annually the additional cost of a downloadable tester is not likely to ever pay for itself. But on the other hand, if you are testing several hundreds or certainly 1000+ appliance annually then a downloadable solution is likely to save time, provide better traceability/reports and could speed up re-testing significantly.


What else should I consider?

You may have a requirement to perform a certain test such as insulation testing for surge protected extension leads, Load/Run testing that powers up and measure earth leakage on either 230V or 110V appliance, Flash testing (although this is no longer recommended for in-service testing), testing of portable RCD’s or something entirely different.


Kits are available with an array of accessories

Save on outsourcing with a dedicated PAT Tester

Our range spans basic to industrial models

Section 1: Basic Entry-Level PAT Testers


Perhaps you only need a tester for a small list of appliances and need something that is extremely easy to operate even with basic training? We hear this often from the likes of charities, shops or DJ’s looking to test their own equipment. Is it enough to know if the device under test has either passed or failed without logging or interpreting a test reading? PAC checkers are a simple, affordable solution which offer only the necessary essentials. However that isn't to say there aren't several low cost PAT Testers which are still ideal for novice users and low testing volumes. These may feature more testing functions such as 250V insulation resistance tests (used for surge protected leads and some IT equipment) and displays test readings that can be kept for record keeping. Using a PAT tester that provides test readings can be especially important if you are testing longer extension leads or appliances with long cables where the Pass/Fail limit on the earth continuity test is variable depending on the length and thickness of the cable.

  PAC Checkers Basic PAT Testers
  HPAT400 BattPAT Primetest 50 EZYPAT PAT120 HPAT500/2 HPAT600/2 Primetest 100
Displays Test Readings - - -
Supply Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery
Rechargeable - - - - -
Earth Bond Test 200mA 150mA 200mA 200mA 200mA 200mA 200mA 200mA
Insulation Resistance Test 500V 350V 250/500V 250/500V 250/500V 250/500V 250/500V 250/500V
Polarity Test
Supplied with Case/Bag Carry Bag - Carry Bag Carry Bag Hard Case Carry Bag Carry Bag Carry Bag
Backlit Display - - -
Substitute Earth Leakage Test - - -
Tests Surge Protected Extension Leads -
User Adjustable Pass/Fail Limits - - - - -
Downloadable - - - - - - - -
Weight / Dimensions (mm) 700g
90 x 210 x 54
450 x 285 x 130
110 x 550 x 270
290 x 140 x 130
203 x 148 x 78
90 x 210 x 54
90 x 210 x 54
265 x 105 x 52
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

Portable Appliance Checkers (PAC)

Martindale HPAT400 PAC Checker (£209.00)

- A handy instrument that can perform earth bond and continuity testing on Class I and Class II appliances and extension leads.

BATTPAT PAT Tester (£215.00)

- An easy-to-use battery-powered, PASS/FAIL PAC Checker with simple green and red indicators. The unit is rechargeable and made in the UK.

Seaward Primetest 50 PAC Checker - 5th Edition Compliant (£244.00)

- The first of its kind. Ideal for the low volume PAT Testing with simple 3-button operation and clear PASS/FAIL indication. Manufactured in the UK.

Basic PAT Testers

Martindale HPAT500/2 PAT Tester (£279.00)

- Features 250V and 500V insulation testing, earth bond continuity testing and earth leakage current measurement. Lightweight, portable, easy-to-use and rechargeable

Kewtech EZYPAT PAT Tester (£315.00)

- A user-friendly PAT tester that performs insulation resistance, earth bond continuity and substitute leakage testing. Excellent battery life.

Seaward Primetest 100 PAT Tester - 5th Edition Compliant (£344.00)

- Our most popular PAT Tester is quick and easy to use, gives readings as well as PASS & FAIL readouts. An industry standard, made here in the UK!

Martindale HPAT600/2 PAT Tester (£299.00)

- Extremely portable and lightweight with all testing capabilites required for low volume PAT testing. Rechargeable and can store 200 results on its internal memory.

Megger PAT120 PAT Tester (£409.00)

- A tough, rubber armoured PAT tester with built-in front cover and scratch proof display. Provides pass/fail indication. Manufactured here in the UK.

* Prices displayed exclude VAT and may have changed since this article was written

Section 2: Mid-Level PAT Testers

For some, a basic PAC Checker or PAT tester simply won't do. The next level up of “Mid-Level” PAT testers boasts several highly useful features that may be required such as mains powered leakage testing, test lead nulling & RCD trip testing, alongside performing all the necessary tasks of the basic PAT Tester and PAC Checker models. These testers are often hybrids between battery powered and mains powered providing you with the best of both: a portable battery powered tester that performs the basic testing and when/if needed, performs mains operated tests by connecting the tester a mains supply. Some Mid-Level PAT testers will even perform 110V powered leakage tests as well as 230V provided they are connected to the corresponding power supply.

Testers for Workshop Environments

If you are testing within a workshop, or other industrial environments, you may want to consider a mains powered dual-voltage PAT Tester. These are not designed for portable use but for fast and accurate appliance testing in a harsher working environment that often incorporates both 230V and 110V tools. There are both manual (PAT300 series) and downloadable (PAT400 series) options available.

  EZYPAT+ PAT150 PAT150R PAT320 PAT350
Supply Battery / Mains Battery / Mains Battery / Mains Mains Power Mains Power
Rechargeable - - n/a n/a
Earth Bond testing 200 mA 200 mA 200 mA 200 mA, 10A, 25A 200 mA, 10A, 25A
Insulation Test
230V Load/Leakage Test
110V Load/Leakage Test - -
110V Socket Inbuilt - - -
Flash Test - - - -
Substitute Leakage Test
RCD Test -
Supplied with Case/Bag Carry Bag Hard Case Hard Case Carry Bag Carry Bag
Weight & Dimensions (mm) 800g
290 x 140 x 130
203 x 148 x 78
203 x 148 x 78
175 x 320 x 250
175 x 320 x 250
Downloadable - - - - -
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Non-Downloadable PAT Testers

Kewtech EZYPAT Plus PAT Tester (£415.00)

- The only battery-powered tester to perform 110V/230V load and run testing, this tester is excellent for handheld tools.

Megger PAT150 PAT Tester (£530.00)

- Pass fail indication, insulation and leakage testing, perfect for class I, class II items and portable RCD.

Megger PAT150R Rechargeable PAT Tester (£530.00)

- Rechargeable version of the Megger PAT150 PAT Tester.

Robust / Dual-Voltage PAT Testers

Megger PAT320 PAT Tester (£895.00)

- This unit can test appliance earths, insulation, touch, differential & substitute leakage & test RCDs.

Megger PAT350 Portable Appliance Tester (£995.00)

- The 350 model is a dual voltage tester with Flash test, Earth bond at 200mA 10A & 25A. insulation, touch, differential & substitute Leakage and RCD testing.

* Prices displayed exclude VAT and may have changed since this article was written

Section 3: Mid-Level Downloadable PAT Testers

Downloadable vs Non-Downloadable?

Naturally, a large part of PAT Testing is logging data for traceability purposes, however this task is often far more time consuming than the visual inspections and testing components themselves. Ask yourself, could a PAT tester with storage and downloading or App compatibility features save enough of your time to make it worth considering? How many tests are you performing? Is there an ever increasing mountain of physical records? Perhaps you would simply prefer to have a tester that can store, download or transfer test results and appliance data to keep your records digital? These basic or mid-range downloadable PAT testers are ideal solutions for maintaining and cataloguing data whilst conserving on pen & paper records and ultimately, vastly reducing the time you spend recording PAT information. Please see further down for our range of Advanced Downloadable PAT Solutions.

  MemoryPAT MemoryPAT Blu GammaPAT Lite GammaPAT Pro Primetest 250+ SMARTPAT MI3309BT DeltaPAT
Supply Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery &
Battery &
Battery &
Rechargeable - -
Stores & Downloads -
Data Comms USB Bluetooth/USB USB USB USB Wi-Fi Bluetooth/USB
Mobile App Comms - Android - - - iOS/Android Android
Supplied with
PAT Software
Basic Utility Basic Utility - Basic Utility -
Recommended PAT
Software (optional)
- - Metrel PATLink Metrel PATLink SimplyPATS
Manual Plus
Manual Plus
Metrel PATLink
Allows users to
input appliance info
- via App - via App
Substitute Leakage Test
Test Surge Protected
Extension Leads
RCD Test - - - -
230V Load/Run Test - - - -
110V Load/Run Test - - - - - -
Backlit Display -
Weight/Dimensions (mm) 1100g
325 x 130 x 45
325 x 130 x 45
230 x 140 x 80
230 x 140 x 80
265 x 105 x 52
290 x 140 x 130
140 x 80 x 230
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

Downloadable PAT Testers

MemoryPAT Appliance Tester (£299.00)

- An easy-to-use battery-powered PAT Tester manufactured in the UK. Includes a basic free download utility to transfer test results and appliance ID number to a PC.

MemoryPAT Blu Appliance Tester (£309.00)

- Same as the MemoryPAT but with Bluetooth communication for transferring PAT results wirelessly into the Android “PATRec” app.

Metrel GammaPAT Lite MI3311 PAT Tester (£429.00)

- Battery-powered PAT tester with the ability to store and download up to 1500 records. Allows input of appliance information and features an inbuilt PAT Checkbox.

Metrel GammaPAT Pro PAT Tester with Software (£489.00)

- Same as the GammaPAT Lite but includes Metrel PATLink PC software which is required to download the test results and create reports.

Seaward Primetest 250 PLUS PAT Tester - 5th Edition Compliant (£475.00)

- Made in the UK the 250+ is the most advanced PAT tester in the Primetest range. The handheld tester allows the storage of 999 test results with a numerical value stored against each set of results.

Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester (£645.00)

- Battery and mains powered tester that links up to the feature-rich, yet very user-friendly, KEWPAT App for IOS or Android. This allows you to operate the SmartPAT similarly to more advanced testers using the capabilities, camera and storage on your phone or tablet.

Metrel MI3309BT DeltaPAT Tester (£649.00)

- Has the same functionality as the GammaPAT Pro with Metrel software included as well as the Android PAT app. The DeltaPAT also performs mains-powered tests as well as point-to-point and RCD testing.

* Prices displayed exclude VAT and may have changed since this article was written

Section 4: High-Level PAT Testers

Advanced Downloadable PAT Solutions

If you are testing large numbers of appliances and require maximum speed and traceability along with advanced reporting capabilities then you may want to consider a more advanced PAT tester with download facilities. At this level, data management and asset datalogging become high priorities for any operator, as such internal memory and compatibility with label printers & barcode scanners are often much sought after necessities. PAT Labels printers with barcode/QR code scanners can streamline the process by allowing the operator to scan appliances previously tested and speed up the re-testing process by not having to re-enter the appliance information. Duty Holders for example, can with some PAT solutions, scan QR codes on assets to instantly view information if its electrical safety status using a free phone app.

When a job involves high volume testing these types of units are the ideal solution and spending extra on the tester, printer/scanner, software is likely to provide a good return on investment by accounting for time saved while operating professional PAT equipment. Some of these testers differentiate by size, portability, dependency of phone app to operate, built-in camera, 110V operation, flash testing, risk based retest calculators and much more. Again, above all, do consider the environment of where you will be working. Some types of PAT testers are not designed to be easily portable, but used in a fixed location where others are battery powered and communicate with printers and scanners wirelessly. You may also consider the cost need for PAT testing software and potentially ongoing associated costs.

  SMARTPAT PRO PAT410 PAT420 PAT450 Apollo 400+ Apollo 500+ Apollo 600+ OmegaPAT MI3360
Supply Battery
& Mains
Mains Mains Mains Battery
& Mains
& Mains
& Mains
Rechargeable n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Data Storage Use smart device
to store
Use smart device
to store
≧10,000 Records
≧10,000 Records
≧2000 Records
≧10,000 Records
≧50,000 Records
& 2,000 Photos
8Gb Memory Card
Compatible with label printer
Print & Scan Barcode Labels ✔** ✔* ✔* ✔* ✔* ✔* ✔* ✔*
Print & Scan QR code Labels ✔** - - - - ✔* ✔* ✔*
Recommended PAT Software (optional) SimplyPATS
Manual 7
Simply PATS V7 Seaward PAT Guard Elite 3 Metrel ES Manager (Supplied)
110V Load & Leakage Test w/ Adaptor - - - - -
230V Load & Leakage Test
RCD Test
Earth Bond testing 200mA 200mA 200mA, 10A,
200mA, 10A,
200mA 200mA 200mA 200mA,
25A (Option)
Data transfer to USB stick - - - ✔ (SD Card)
Operated by APP on Smart device - - - - - - Option (Android)
Flash test - - - - - -
Medical Testing ENG2353 - - - - - - - ✔ (Option)
User configurable testing sequences Use smart device Use smart device Use smart device Use smart device Use smart device,
Use smart device,
Use smart device,
Use smart device
Testing of Welding
Equipment EN 60974-4
- - - - - - - ✔ (Option)
Multiple levels of user account - - - - -
Password controlled - - - - -  
Risk based retest period calculator In the App - - - - -
Built-in Camera In the App - - - - - -
Supplied with Case - -
.CSV file download From App - - - -
Point to Point Testing - - - - Accessory
Weight & Dimensions 800g
290 x 140 x 130
145 x 255 x 320
180 x 255 x 320
180 x 255 x 320
230 x 150 x 100
230 x 150 x 100
230 x 150 x 100
310 x 150 x 250
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

* scanner required

**printer and scanner required

Advanced PAT Testers

Seaward Apollo 400+ PAT Tester - 5th Edition Compliant (£886.00)

- Battery powered and portable tester with data storage for up to 2000 appliance records. Inbuilt QWERTY keyboard with optional printer, scanner and software

Kits available: 5
Kits include: Variety of software, printer, scanner options

Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester - 5th Edition Compliant (£1,105.00)

- Designed and manufactured in the UK with same functionality as the Apollo 400+ but with 10,000 results memory, QR code printing and more.

Kits available: 5
Kits include: Variety of software, printer, scanner options

Megger PAT410 Portable Appliance Tester (£1,150.00)

- Mains powered PAT tester with cost effective printer and scanner option as well as a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard and colour screen. Designed and built in the UK.

Kits available: 3
Kits include: Printer, Scanner, Software, accessories

Kewtech SMARTPAT Pro PAT Testing Kit (£899.00)

- Cost effective, yet features rich made possible by remotely operating the tester using the Kewtech PAT App. Print barcodes and QR codes to speed up testing.

Kits available: 2
Kits include: Printer, Software, Carry Bag, adaptors

Megger PAT420 PAT Tester (£1,350.00)

- Like the PAT410 but with inbuilt 110V socket for Dual Voltage testing as well as high current earth bond tests. A very popular downloadable PAT option.

Kits available: 3
Kits include: Printer, Scanner, Software, accessories

Seaward Apollo 600+ PAT Tester - 5th Edition Compliant (£1,280.00)

- All the features of the Apollo 500+ but integrates PAT Testing with risk assessment calculator, inbuilt camera to document testing and visual inspections as well as a huge memory of 50,000 test results. The most popular downloadable tester in our range.

Kits available: 5
Kits include: Variety of software, printer, scanner options

Megger PAT450 Portable Appliance Tester (£1,440.00)

- This downloading PAT tester contains all the features of the PAT420 but with Flash Testing capabilities as well. Often used by hire companies or repair centres.

Kits available: 3
Kits include: Printer, Scanner, Software, accessories

Metrel MI3360 OmegaPAT XA PAT Tester (£1,479.00)

- A sophisticated tester with options available for Medical testing to EN62353, Flash Testing and Welding equipment testing to EN 60974-4.


* Prices displayed exclude VAT and may have changed since this article was written

PAT Training & Calibration

Regular, planned inspections and testing of portable electrical equipment is proven to save lives and reduce costs. Notably, these important periodic safety checks can be performed by personnel with minimal to zero PAT Testing experience. All one really needs is a common sense approach to safety however, there are many online and in-person courses which offer more advanced guidance which may be important to you.

It is up to the individual to determine the amount of PAT Testing required. By considering usage, type and the environment of the equipment in question, a proportionate risk-based schedule can be created. With this in mind, it may become clear that some level of training would be appropriate.

Calibration is another vital facet of PAT Testing as annual servicing is the best way to ensure that your equipment is still providing accurate results. The Test-Meter team includes a skilled calibration department able to provide a speedy turnaround, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

For full rules and regulations, pick up a copy of the IET Code of Practice: Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment 5th Edition or to book a calibration please click here.

Recording Results

For those who do not have a downloadable tester or for those who simply prefer keeping physical logs, there are many solutions on offer to help manage all the necessary PAT Testing data. PAT Certificate Pads and PAT Register Books are purposefully designed to help record every formal visual & tested inspection detail.

Many of these pads will include helpful features such as example certificates pre-completed, suggested inspection frequencies, testing tables, test limits or the ability to produce carbon copies underneath each page. Portable and with the space for recording earth, insulation, leakage test results & much more alongside a PASS or FAIL status, PAT pads are a simple and affordable accessory suitable for many entry level PAT Testers.

PAT Testing Apps

Would you like the option to create professional PDF reports, scan barcodes or display PAT records directly on your personal smart device? Well good news, there's an App for that! To be more precise there are several, as many of the biggest manufacturers boast their own PAT Tester compatible App for iOS or Android, for example:

  • Seaward PATmobile App
  • KEWPAT App
  • Metrel PATLink App

To discover which PAT Testers are compatible with an App please consult the comparison tables above.

These Apps provide a wealth of different functions in addition to storing all of your collected PAT testing data. Some of these incorporated features include the ability to share results with customers, print labels, create custom automatic test sequences or even act as a remote control for your device. For transferring data or amending and annotating results wirelessly, PAT Testing Apps are the ideal solution.

Further Information

For more detail concerning any of the above PAT Testers, or for additional advice from our expert support, please contact us at 0113 248 9966 or drop us a message here.