SimplyPATs Version 7 PAT Testing Software

SimplyPATs Version 7 is the latest innovative software that has been designed alongside Professional PAT Testers. SimplyPATS is one of the leading solutions for downloading and managing all of your PAT test results and data.
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SimplyPATs Version 7 PAT Testing Software

Simply PAT Version 7 PAT Testing Software is designed in collaboration with professional PAT Testers and is an affordable software solution for downloading and managing all of your PAT test results and data. 

Main SimplyPATS Features

  • One-off purchase no need to re-licence
  • FREE updates and best-in-class customer support
  • Compatible with the largest range of PAT Testers on the market
  • Download in the manufacturer's native format
  • Upload facility for compatible PAT Testers
  • An extensive list of reports available such as Pass/Fail, Certificate for portable appliance testing and Appliance Register
  • Include logos, electronic signatures and colour-coded sections to Reports
  • Export to an impressive range of formats such as Tiff, Text, HTML, Excel, Word and PDF
  • Export retest details to the Microsoft Outlook Calendar system
  • Sophisticated invoicing system to assist contractors.
  • Manual Entry of PAT Data is supported with many features to speed up the entry. E.g. predictive text, quick set limits for Class I, Class II etc.

SimplyPATs Version 7.0.2 Update Features

  • Manual Entry Keywords – An Additional keyword screen to speed up manual data entry
  • Visual Test Restart Option – Utilize your PAT Testers notes field to transfer numeric retest periods
  • New Electrical Logo options – Supports up to 5 certification trade logos and electrical accreditation bodies such as NICEIC, NAPIT, ELECSA, etc
  • Versatile Invoice Screen – Invoice screen now allows users to see all saved invoices and search by invoice number, date and company
  • Increased Retest Period options – Selectable 2 and 4 Month dropdown retest periods
  • Updated Help Menu – Latest Option checks for free SimplyPAT 7 upgrades
  • Updated Customer and Printed Report Screen – Both now include retest dates
  • Amended Retest Calendar Screen – Added support for short date Format
  • Increased Seaward Europa/Supernova Compatibility – Simplified Download screen
  • Increased MI3311 Support – Location support has now been added
  • Third-Party Emailing – Added option to email a datafile to a third-party
  • Support for NZ MI3310 – Improved download routine for Metrel MI3310
  • Added Android Bluetooth compatibility – Custom Import routine for Android App
  • Improved Dialing Codes – Digit increase to cater for International dialling codes
  • Saved site check – The list sites screen prevents duplicate site names from being saved

SimplyPATs Version 7.0.3 Update Features

  • Seaward Apollo 500 and 600 support
  • Recommendations Report - New screen for recommendations for General Site or testing reports
  • Updated Search options - Choose from highlighted, containing or beginning text search
  • Advanced PAT Tester Maintenance Options - Add certificate numbers to testers and day reminders for upcoming re-tests
  • Added Spreadsheet and CSV imports - The import screen allows you to create multiple schemes
  • Updated RCD Test Options - 100 mA option added on the dropdown output
  • Added support for new Firmware Revision 1.96 of the UK GammaPat MI3311 which now contains the Retest Date
  • Added additional support for the New Zealand / Australian Firmware SigmaPat MI3310 to upload site, building and room individually back to the tester.
  • A new button on Customer Details and Review Customers screens to export either an individual contact or all contacts in vCard (.vcf) format which can then be imported into Outlook and mobile phones including Windows Phone, Android and iPhones.
  • Added a new Generic Recommendations Report. This will automatically load a Rich Text Document (rtf) with the same name as your data file and store it in the same folder (although will have the extension .rtf)
  • Amended the Megger 420, and Megger 450 upload functions to analyse the test codes being uploaded from SimplyPats back to the Megger database file to ensure they exist. Missing codes are listed to allow you to configure your PAT tester.
  • Added a button on the System Settings screen to quickly open the SimplyPats app data folder where all the SimplyPats data and configuration files are stored.
  • Under the right mouse click menu on the main grid, added the ability to sort tests by both Date and Time.
  • Amended the calculation of the Retest Date displayed on any of the printed certificates so that appliances with zero retest dates are not included in the calculation.
  • Amended the V2 One Appliance per page report so that the Client details and your details appear at the top of each page (appliance) and not just on the first page of the report.

When SimplyPATs is used together with a downloading PAT tester this software will automatically accept downloaded test results and these can be used to produce comprehensive professional-looking PAT reports, documentation and detailed PAT Testing Certificates that can also be customised with your logo and appliance images which can be added manually or automatically.

Once downloaded your test data is displayed on the screen in an easy-to-understand format, every piece of important information relating to each test is displayed on the main screen. The main screen of the SimplyPATs Version 7 Software is divided into two areas, one showing the Appliance Description, Site, Location, Test Date, Time and Retest Date for every PAT Test in the current file in a spreadsheet-type view. Simply click on a given PAT Test and the Test results together with detailed information such as charge and repair information will be displayed in the second screen area.

Test results can even be exported and e-mailed in other formats such as Excel, Word, PDF and more. Simply PATs V7 PAT Testing Software is the perfect solution for any PAT Tester looking for an affordable and professional solution for managing their PAT Testing data, and because of its countless features, functionalities and ease of use, the Simply PATs software version 7 is the best overall PAT software package on the market.

RSR Systems developers of SimplyPATS are renowned for excellent after-sales and technical support. RSR Systems is an independent software development company which means every member of staff is dedicated to bringing the best available advice to any potential customer. RSR are independent of any major manufacturer which will ensure you receive specialist knowledge from an individual who concentrates on next-generation PAT Software.


PC system Requirements

SimplyPATs Version 7 is available for the following platforms

  • Window 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • MAC OS applicable via Windows OS on  Boot Camp or Parallels


  • AMD or Intel Processor 1Ghz or higher (2Ghz Preferred)
  • 1Gb RAM,
  • 30Mb free Hard Drive space, plus space for data files and photos,
  • one free Com Port with Standard UART or USB Port (Requires USB to Serial converter),
  • Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 by 768. 
  • Only USB to Serial Converters designed using an FTDI Chipset (available separately) are currently supported.

Supported Seaward PAT Testers

  • Seaward Primetest 250+
  • Seaward Apollo 500
  • Seaward Apollo 600
  • Seaward Europa
  • Seaward Europa+ (Upload and Download Supported SSS Format)
  • Seaward Supernova
  • Seaward Supernova+ (Upload and Download Supported SSS Format)
  • Seaward 1000x
  • Seaward 1000s
  • Seaward IT1000
  • Seaward PAT1000
  • Seaward 2000i
  • Seaward PAT2000
  • Seaward Primtest 300 (Ascii and SSS Format - download only) Along with Australia and New Zealand Models.
  • Seaward Primtest 350 (Ascii and SSS Format - download only) Along with Australia and New Zealand Models.
  • Plus variants of the above testers, please contact support if you are unsure.

Supported Metrel PAT Testers (UK Firmware)

  • Metrel AlphaPat - UK (MI 2142)
  • Metrel BetaPat - UK (MI 2141)
  • Metrel BetaPat Plus - UK (MI 3304) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Metrel DeltaPat (MI3309)
  • Metrel GammaPat - UK (MI 3311)
  • Metral OmegaPat - UK (MI 2140)
  • Metrel OmegaPat Plus - UK (MI 3305) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Metrel SigmaPat (MI3310) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Metrel PAT testers (AU/NZ Firmware)
  • Metrel Alphapat - AU/NZ (MI 2142)
  • Metrel Betapat - AU/NZ (MI 3303)
  • Metrel BetaPat Plus - AU/NZ (MI 3304)
  • Metrel DeltaPat - AU/NZ (MI3309)
  • Metral OmegaPat - AU/NZ (MI 2140)
  • Metrel OmegaPat Plus - AU/NZ (MI 3305)
  • Metrel SigmaPat - AU/NZ (MI3310)

Supported Megger PAT Testers

  • Megger PAT4 DV (AVO) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT4 DV3 (AVO) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT410 (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT420 (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT450 (Upload and Download Supported)

Supported Kewtech PAT Testers

  • Kewtech KT74 (Data Imported through USB Stick or Data Cable)
  • Kewtech KT75
  • Kewtech KT77 (Data Imported through USB Stick or Data Cable)

Supported Fluke PAT Testers

  • Fluke 6500 (supports Data Imported through CD Card or Data Cable)
  • Fluke 6500-2 PAT Tester

Supported Martindale PAT Testers

  • Martindale MPATPLUS (MicroPat+)

Supported Transmille PAT Testers

  • Transmille 6080
  • Transmille 6080 PLUS (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Transmille 6080A

Supported TRIO PAT Testers

  • TRIO SmartCal Pro Logger II (Download supported via Manufacturers supplied Utility - CSV Import)

Supported Robin PAT Testers

  • Robin SmartPat 5000
  • Robin SmartPat 5500

Supported Seaward PAT Testers

  • MPAT 60

Supported First Stop Safety PAT Testers

  • Memory Pat (import using free download utility supplied by First Stop Safety)


Further Information

SimplyPATs also supports merging from various manufactures into the same database. Data from downloadable Microwave leakage detectors and RCD testers can also be downloaded.