Megger PAT320 PAT Tester

The Megger PAT320 is a Dual voltage tester with a Earth bond at 200mA 10A & 25A. Touch, differential & substitute Leakage & portable RCD testing
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Megger PAT320 PAT Tester

The Brand New Megger PAT320 PAT Tester is a highly portable appliance tester for testing the safety of portable electrical equipment to meet health and safety regulations. The Megger PAT320 is a feature packed tester with dedicated test buttons for direct access to tests. The PAT 320 is a manual PAT Tester and designed for customers who prefer speed and do not require storage of results within the tester. The Megger PAT 320 offers a complete range of functions to allow automatic or manual testing of the widest range of electrical assets. There are two products in Megger's range – the PAT320 and the PAT350. The PAT350 is identical to the PAT320, with the addition of flash-test capability for use in environments such as manufacturing, production, repair or tool-hire shops.

Simple push-button operation make the Megger PAT320 very fast and easy to use. All regulatory test requirements are supported, including Class I and Class II tests. IEC power leads and extension leads are easily connected. An automatic mode is available for Class I and Class II testing. In automatic mode, the tests proceed sequentially through bond, insulation and operation, indicating an overall PASS or FAIL.

If you prefer manual testing, each test is preceded by a selection screen where the test parameters are selected, such as earth bond test current, insulation test voltage or leakage test type.These diagnostic buttons provide direct access to any test individually, allowing single tests to be performed quickly and easily.

The Megger PAT320 tester allow bond testing to be carried out at 200mA, 10A and 25A, and are continuously rated for all currents. This means that testing will never be interrupted due to the tester overheating, shutting itself down, or switching to a reduced current operating mode.

The PAT320 also incorporates a replaceable internal back-up battery allowing it to retain operating status for up to five minutes when un-plugged. A unique function ideal when testing hard wired appliances.

  • Simple manual or automatic testing
  • IT Safe (200mA)
  • 230 V and 110 V operation
  • Earth Bond testing at 25 A ,10 A and 200 mA
  • Differential, touch and substitute leakage testing
  • Full colour display
  • Tests portable RCDs and extension leads

Free Megger PAT320 Bundle including:

  • 110V Extension Lead Adaptor
  • 500 Pass Labels
  • 200 Fail Labels
  • 250 Tuff Tags Pass

What's In The Box?

  • Megger PAT 320 Portable Appliance Tester
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Printed quick starter guide
  • CD user manual
  • Earth Continuity Test lead (2000-870)
  • 13A Extension lead adaptor (1363 2000-881)
  • Megger Carry case
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Earth Bond: 200mA, 10A & 25A (10 mΩ (0 to 1.99 Ω )
  • Insulation: 250V or 500V selectable (10 mΩ (0 to 1.99 Ω)
  • Substitute Leakage: 40V (0.01mA resolution)
  • Differential Leakage: Nominal mains (0.01mA resolution)
  • Touch Current: Nominal mains (0.01mA resolution)
  • Operational test: Nominal mains (0 to 3700VA)
  • IEC Lead test: 12V (Polarity)
  • Portable RCD Test: Nominal mains (0.1ms resolution)
  • Fuse test 3.3V (Audiable beep)
  • Megger PAT320 meets the requirements of IEC 61010-1: 2001
  • Test leads meet the requirements of IEC 61010-031: 2002
  • Creepage and clearances for 300 volts to Earth Category II

If you require a more detailed specification please see the Megger PAT320 PDF Megger PAT300 Series PDF

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