Metrel GammaPAT Pro PAT Tester with Software

  • Battery powered PAT tester with inbuilt PAT checkbox and downloading facility.
  • PATLink PRO Software and USB Cable supplied.
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Metrel GammaPAT Pro MI3311 PAT Tester

The Metrel Gamma PAT Pro MI3311 PAT Tester is a battery powered PAT tester full of functions. It is one of only a few PAT testers on the market with an inbuilt PAT Checkbox which means that you can comply with the IET Code of Practice by checking the ongoing accuracy of the tester between calibrations. Results of the self check is even stored on the internal memory and can be downloaded thereafter. You can even null the Extension Lead Adaptor and thereby avoid any extra resistance in your test leads. Using this function is an excellent way of ensuring that your PAT Tester is still giving accurate readings.

The Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT has an inbuilt memory and can store up to 1700 test results which can be downloaded via USB into the Metrel PATLink PRO Software supplied with this kit. Using the keys you can enter an appliance ID number or description which are then downloaded with the test results. This number can even be set to increment automatically to save you time. The Metrel PATLink Pro is a good PAT software package that will store results and produce PAT certificates. The Metrel GammaPAT PRO is the LOWEST COST Downloading PAT tester on the market.

To compensate all users the Metrel MI3311 Gamma PAT can be operated in two different modes: Simple Mode and Auto Mode. Using the Simple Mode, you choose between a Class I, Class II or IEC Lead or Extension Lead Test, whereas the Auto Mode is slightly more for the advanced user and will require further appliance detail which is useful for certain appliances (ie. calculation of resistance within longer leads and chords) The choice of these two different modes makes the Gamma PAT Pro an ideal choice for both novice and experienced PAT testers.

To simplify the test result even further, this PAT tester is equipped with Green and Red LED lights on each side of the screen. They will provide a clear visualisation whether the appliance has passed or failed its test. Schematic help screens are also available onscreen which shows the novice user how to connect the appliance to the tester.

The Gamma PAT MI3311 also has an inbuilt battery charger which means that you will not have to spend further on batteries and external battery chargers. Simply connect the Gamma PAT into a power source to recharge its batteries that come supplied.

Weighing just over 1kg, the GammaPAT is very light and portable, and with lots of functionality making it a good choice for both novice frequent and less frequent users of PAT Equipment. The long term reliability of this tester is guaranteed by Metrel's 3 year warranty and a Manufacturers Calibration Certificate.

Free GammaPAT Bundle Option Includes:

  • 500 Pass Labels
  • 200 Fail Labels
  • IEC Clover Leaf Adaptor
  • 110V Appliance Adaptor

What's In The Box?

  • Metrel GammaPAT MI3311 PAT Tester
  • Metrel PATLink PRO Software
  • USB Download Lead
  • Robust Metrel Carry Bag and strap
  • Black Test Lead with Earth Bond Clip
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Instruction Manual
  • 230V Extension Lead Adaptor
  • 6 Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Lead
  • 36 months manufacturers warranty
  • Earth Bond Continuity: Test current of 200mA
  • Insulation Test: 50V or 500V DC Measuring range: 0.1 - 19.99 Mohms
  • Substitute Leakage Test: Carried out at 40V DC
  • Insulation-S Test: Insulation resistance of isolated accessible conductive parts.
  • Substitute Leakage-S: Substitute leakage current of isolated accessible conductive parts.
  • Polarity Test: IEC and Extension Lead internal wiring check.
  • Weight & Dimensions: 1kg - 230x140x80
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