SimplyPATs Version 7 MANUAL PAT Software

The SimplyPATs Version 7 Manual Software is the best method of electronically storing and managing PAT data, using only a Manual PAT Tester.
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SimplyPATs Version 7 MANUAL PAT Software

Simply PATs 7 MANUAL VERSION software has been designed to accommodate the ever increasing need to keep digital records of Portable appliance tests. The Manual edition of SimplyPATs is perfect for users with Manual and Non-downloading PAT Tester or PAC Checkers.

SimplyPATs Manual V7 is a simple software program providing the user the option to manually enter PAT test data either directly after the test or at a later stage from a written record. Ideal for businesses where an engineer works on-site with a laptop or where the administrative task is completed back at an office at a later time.

Downloading PAT Testers are often an unpractical expense for a small business with low volumes of portable appliances, however most companies still wish to have a computer record for storing, viewing and managing PAT results. With the SimplyPATs Version 7 Manual Software you can enter all your PAT data into a fully comprehensive PAT Software Package utilizing all its functions. Once installed a user can quickly enter, view, sort and trace any results making the overall management process much more user friendly.

The SimplyPATs Manual Entry Screen will allow you to enter the following fields for Portable Appliance Asset Information Electrical Tests.

  • Type of Appliance
  • Appliance Serial  Number
  • User
  • Site
  • Location
  • Fuse Rating
  • Appliance Id (various options for auto incrementing every entry)
  • Time of Test (automatically entered using the current time, but editable)
  • Date of Test (automatically entered using the current date, but editable)
  • Appliance Description (uses Predictive Text entry)
  • Class of Test
  • PAT Tester (Serial Number of PAT Tester, taken from Maintain PAT Testers)
  • Fail Reason
  • Retest Period (default 12 months, but editable)

A full range of tests can be entered into the database including result, limit and status for each.

  • Visual
  • Touch Leakage
  • Sub Leakage
  • Earth Continuity
  • Polarity
  • Insulation
  • Leakage
  • Flash
  • Load
  • Clamp

SimplyPATs Manual is feature rich and includes a PAT testing calendar that will notify the user every time 1 or more appliances are due for retesting. It has a full invoice system and client database built in to the software, peace of mind  if you are PAT testing commercially.

Test results can be printed out on a wide range of different certificate and print templates, your company logo and details can be added and can be e-mailed or exported to formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, Tiff, Txt*. To increase its versatility SimplyPATs now give you the option to enter microwave leakage results and allocate images to PAT reports which means you can now create simple or extensive documents whenever you choose.

Once downloaded your test data is displayed on screen in an easy to understand format, every piece of important information relating to each test is displayed on the main screen. The main screen of the SimplyPATs V7 Software is divided into two areas, one showing the Appliance Description, Site, Location, Test Date, Time and Retest Date for every PAT Test in the current file in a spread sheet type view, and the other displaying all the results imported into your currently opened file. Should you later want to later upgrade to the full and downloading version, an upgrade is available to buy.

Simply PATs V7 Manual Version Software can be used in conjunction with any manual PAT tester and is a low cost option of storing all your PAT results on a PC.


PC system Requirements

SimplyPATs Version 7 is available for the following platforms

  • Window 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • MAC OS applicable via Windows OS on Boot Camp or Parallels


  • AMD or Intel Processor 1Ghz or higher (2Ghz Preferred)
  • 1Gb RAM,
  • 30Mb free Hard Drive space, plus space for data files and photos,
  • one free Com Port with Standard UART or USB Port (Requires USB to Serial converter),
  • Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 by 768. 
  • Only USB to Serial Converters designed using an FTDI Chipset (available separately) are currently supported.