32A 230V Adaptor for PAT Testing

230V 32A Socket - 230V Plug Adaptor (Adaptor 8)
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32A 230V Appliance Adaptor For PAT Testing

230V 32A Socket - 13A 230V Plug

This PAT Testing adaptor lead perfect for testing 32 amp 240V Appliances. It's only 30cm long to keep earth resistance to a minimum and enables you to fit it in most PAT Tester carry bags. Coloured blue to match the rest of our 230V 32A Adaptors.

WARNING - Important Information

Please note this adaptor should not be used for Load / Leakage & Touch Current Tests. But would be fine for the testing of polarity on 32 amp extension leads. Do not plug into a mains supply

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32A 230V Adaptor Kit for PAT Testing
In Stock - Available Next Day

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