Anton FreeVo Flue Probe

New flue gas analyser probe with a unique moisture extraction system that prevents condensation and improves the accuracy of results.
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Anton FreeVo Flue Probe

The new Anton FreeVo Flue Probe has a unique moisture extraction membrane that absorbs moisture during flue gas analysis, preventing water build up in the flue probe particularly useful when testing high efficiency condensing boilers.

The prevention of condensation build up in the flue probe enables more accurate readings to be made and stops moisture reaching and damaging the flue gas analyser.

The Anton FreeVo flue probe is compatible with all Anton flue gas analysers including the Sprint V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and the new Sprint eVo1, eVo2 and eVo3.

Part Number Anton Freevo PRB29010