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The Kewtech KT65DL Multifunction Tester is the most advanced multifunction installation tester within the Kewtech range and arguably the most complete ‘all-in-one’ solution on the market. The KT65DL will cover all aspects of installation testing including a three wire earth resistivity test, but also doubles up as a PAT tester for testing portable appliances to the recommended minimum requirements.

Brief Specification Overview


Out of the box

The Kewtech KT65DL comes supplied with a good quality soft carry case. The case is basic protection from accidental knocks and there are three custom compartments which can be adjusted to size using removable Velcro dividers. The tester is supplied with a neck strap which allows you to use the tester against your chest whilst hung from round your neck.

The KT65DL comes supplied with a manufacturer’s calibration certificate, full instruction manual, a warranty extension card (free 2 year warranty upon product registration with Kewtech), KewReport Download Software with a quick-start guide and a USB download lead and optical adaptor for connection to a PC or laptop.

Also included in the box is a really good quality set of brown, green and blue three-wire test lead set supplied with crocodile clips and test probes. The test lead set is perfectly universal for use with any testing accessory for sale on the market. The KT65DL is also supplied with a remote test probe which will let you conduct either a two wire or three wire test. There is also a colour coded 13A mains test lead that allows connection to a UK 13A socket outlet.

Testing with the Kewtech KT65DL Multifunction Tester

All of the test functions are selected using a rotary dial, with each test printed clearly and colour coded next to the selector dial. Secondary test functions (for example insulation resistance voltages), are chosen using function keys next to the screen. This selects your requirements digitally, rather than using a secondary test dial.

A couple of test features place the KT65DL in a league of its own. Using an optional Kewtech PAT adaptor, the firmware of the tester allows you to conduct a portable appliance test (PAT) by selecting either continuity or insulation resistance test features. Pass and fail thresholds are different for both class 1 and class 2 appliances, and these can be selected using the function keys.

The Kewtech PAT adaptor is supplied within an accessory kit free of charge if you decide to purchase the tester from The KT65DL also has a high resolution loop test setting which allows three digit impedance readings as low as 0.001 Ohms, rather than the standard two digit 0.01 Ohm reading. This is particularly handy if you are conducting a Ze test at a property very close to a supply sub-station.

Similar to the Metrel testers, you can now use the KT65DL to select what device is protecting the circuit and also program the maximum disconnection time allowed. For example, you are testing a ring final circuit protected by a BS60898 32A B type MCB. By using the function keys, select MCB – B, the nominal current of 32A and then a 0.4 second disconnection time; the tester will then automatically calculate the pass threshold based upon the values stated in BS7671:2008.

Although the Kewtech KT65 multifunction tester has always offered the ability to store and download test results, the firmware and software upgrade that has been applied to the KT65DL model has made this task far more simplistic. By pressing the ‘MEM’ key after each test result has been displayed, you can use the function keys to store the result into the inbuilt memory. Select what sort of test you have carried out: continuity (r1, r2, rn, R1+R2, R2), insulation resistance (L-L, L-N, L-E, N-E), Loop (Zs or Ze), RCD (1st RCCB, 2nd RCCB, 3rd RCCB or RCBO). Organise the test results even further by assigning them to Site, Board and Circuit numbers for easier recollection at a later point should you not be using a laptop on site. Test results can be recalled or deleted at any time on the tester by pressing the ‘MEM’ key. All test results can be downloaded to a PC or Laptop using the supplied Kewtech KewReport software and USB/Optical cable interface, and even printed off into certificates should you already use or wish to purchase Castline Systems ‘FormFill – BS7671 Certification Software’.

  • Continuity – By selecting the rotary dial to continuity, you can use the function keys to null out your test leads, turn an audible buzzer on or off and also set a PAT test pass threshold if you wish to conduct an earth bond test on an electrical appliance. The test current is delivered at 200mA, and you can push and twist the test button in order for the test to be continually carried out – very handy for fault finding.
  • Insulation Resistance – Insulation resistance can be tested at 250, 500 and 1000V. Again, the test button can be locked out (as above) should you wish for the tester to continually output the desired voltage. You can also use this test function to carry out an insulation resistance test on a portable appliance. Simply use the function key to select class 1 or class 2.
  • Loop Test – Within the loop test selection, you can select whether you wish to conduct either a Ze/Zs test using L-PE, or a line to line test using L-N/L-L. When using the L-PE setting, use the function keys to turn ATT (anti RCD trip) on or off, select the high 3 digit resolution or standard 2 digit resolution, or program the tester with the protective device in place for automatic test result evaluation. Conducting the anti-trip loop test is fairly fast taking around 10 seconds to complete. The higher current test takes around 3 seconds to complete.
  • PSC/PFC – The prospective short circuit or prospective fault current can be calculated by using this test option. Simply inform the KT65DL whether you are wanting a PSC value by using the function key to programme a L-N/L-L test or a PFC value by selecting L-PE.
  • RCD Test – You can test 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000mA RCD’s at 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 5x the protective current rating. Multiple RCD types can be tested, although you cannot test a ‘B Type’ RCD which are DC current/high frequency RCDs. A ramp test is also available to see what current an RCD trips at, and most importantly the tester offers an automatic RCD test. Unlike any other tester on the market, all of the automatic RCD test results are displayed on one screen, so you do not have to scroll through multiple screens to obtain your trip values.
  • Other test features – The Kewtech KT65DL will allow you to conduct an earth resistance test with an optional earth lead and spike kit. The rotary dial can also be selected to test phase sequence to assure phases within a three phase system are connected in the correct order throughout an installation. Real time supply voltage and frequency can also be measured using the ‘volts’ selection with the primary rotary test dial. Store and download test results using the MEM key as described above.


Pro’s – Fantastic quality test leads, fast loop test, simple to operate, mechanical lock out test button, two and three wire remote test probe included, PAT testing ability, high resolution loop test, one screen display of automatic RCD test results.

Con’s – Non-rechargeable, PFC/PSC conducted as a separate test, no ability to test DC current RCDs.

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