Chauvin Arnoux CA6471 Earth and Resistivity Tester

A comprehensive 5 in 1 selective earth, earth, resistivity, coupling and continuity & resistance tester ideal for industrial environments.
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C.A. 6471 Earth and Resistivity Tester

The C.A. 6471 Earth and Resistivity Tester is an ergonomic, comprehensive and accurate 4 in 1 earth, resistivity, coupling and continuity tester. The CA 6471 employs both 3-pole and 4-pole methods of measuring the earth. The 4 pole measurements offer approximately 10 times greater accuracy and allows low earth resistance measurements. These measurements in particular are essential to meet the requirements of power distribution and transmission companies as well as energy distributors such as EDF. In addition the C.A. 6471 offers 4 pole selective earth measurement using the supplied clamp-on ammeters. In the event of a system with parallel earth connections, 2 clamp-on ammeters can be used with the C.A 6471 to provide accurate earth resistance measurements. The principle of this method involves placing 2 clamps around the earth conductor tested and connecting each of them to the instrument. One clamp injects a known signal (32 V / 1367 Hz) while the other clamp measures the current flowing in the loop. This method saves considerable time when earth testing because it is no longer necessary to set up auxiliary rods or disconnect the earth connections.

The 6471 provides an extensive measurement range of between 0.001Ω and 100kΩ and an adjustment frequency of between 41Hz and 512Hz. The C.A. 6471 earth & resistivity tester guarantees reliable measurements through the use of traditional stake-based methods. This ground earth tester will self diagnose before starting each measurement to detect any faults that may cause measurement errors. There are also high-level and expert calculation functions automatically provided by the C.A. 6471 Earth & Resistivity tester. For the earth coupling measurement, simply perform the 3 successive measurements required and leave the tester to calculate the coupling coefficient automatically and when measuring soil resistivity, programming of the distances used for the measurement makes it possible to calculate r automatically by the Wenner or Schlumberger methods.

The CA 6471 tester offers direct access to all the measurements via a rotary switch on the front panel and its compact, rugged and leakproof design is perfect for use in the field. To simplify the connections, the 4 terminals for connection to the stakes are colour-coded. The C.A 6471 includes a large backlit LCD screen and a rechargeable battery with an external charger for connection to the mains supply or to a vehicle cigarette lighter. It is equipped with a function for direct, ordered storage of the measurement results. A USB communication output allows the data to be exported onto a PC with the Ground Tester Transfer software for further processing.

C.A. 6471 Features:

  • 4-pole selective earth measurements
  • 3-pole & 4-pole earth measurements
  • Wenner or Schlumberger methods of resisitivity testing
  • Earth coupling
  • Continuity & resistance
  • Maximum measurement range of between 0.001 and 99.99kΩ
  • Storage of upto 512 test results
  • Measuement possible even with highly resistive soils
  • Improved measurement quality due to high rejection of disturbance voltages
  • Excellent accuracy and resolution
  • Standard software for data recovery and result processing

What's In The Box?

  • C.A. 6471 Earth and Resisitivity Tester
  • 2 x C182 clamps with safety leads
  • External mains charger
  • Data export software
  • USB lead
  • Operating manual ( in 5 languages)
  • Simplified operating manual ( in 5 languages)
  • Identification labels ( in 5 languages)
  • Carry case
  • Certificate of conformity

2 Clamp method

  • Range: 0.01 - 500Ω
  • Resolution: 0.01 - 1Ω
  • Frequency: 1367Hz (Auto), 128 - 1367 - 1611 - 1758Hz (Manual)

3P method

  • Range: 0.01 - 99.99kΩ
  • Resolution: 0.01 - 100Ω
  • Test Voltage: 16V or 32V, selectable
  • Measurement Frequency: 41 - 512Hz, automatic or manual
  • Test Current: Up to 250mA
  • Accuracy: ±2% of value ±1 count

4P method/4P with clamps

  • Range: 0.001 - 99.99kΩ
  • Resolution: 0.001 - 100Ω
  • Test Voltage: 16V or 32V, selectable
  • Measurement Frequency: 41 - 512Hz, automatic or manual
  • Test Current: Up to 250mA
  • Accuracy: ±2% of value ±1 count

Soil Resistivity

  • Method: Wenner or Schlumberger with automatic calculation of results
  • Range: 0.01 - 99.99kΩ
  • Resolution: 0.01 - 100Ω
  • Test Voltage: 16V or 32V
  • Frequency: 41 - 512Hz, selectable

DC Resistance

  • Method: 2 wires or 4 wires
  • Range: 0.12 - 99.99kΩ
  • Test Current: > 200mA

External Voltage

  • Range: 0.1 - 65V AC/DC
  • Accuracy: ±2% of value ±2 counts
  • Test Voltage: 16V DC (polarity +, - or auto)
  • Test Current: 200mA max for R < 20
  • Data storage: 512 test results
  • Communication: Optically-isolated USB
  • Power supply: NiMH 9.6V rechargeable battery
  • Battery cahrger: 110/120V 50/60Hz external power supply with 18V DC/1.9A ouput or 12V DC vehicle supply
  • Compliance: CAT IV 50V
  • Dimensions: 272 x 250 x 128mm
  • Weight: 3kg

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