Extech AN340 CMM CFM Anemometer/Psychrometer Data Logger

  • Measures air flow speed from 0.5m/s to 20m/s with ±3% basic accuracy
  • Calculates air flow volume in cubic feet or cubic metres per minute
  • Records up to 12,000 data points in datalogging mode
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Product Details

Extech AN340 CMM CFM Anemometer/Psychrometer Data Logger

The Extech AN340 CMM CFM Anemometer/Psychrometer Data Logger is capable of measuring wind speed from 0.5m/s to 20m/s; air temperature from -20˚C to 60˚C; and humidity from 0.1% to 99.9% RH. It can also calculate wet bulb and dew point values as well as cubic metres per minute as a volume flow reading.

Measurements are taken via the Extech AN340’s 18mm diameter rotating vane probe that is attached to the anemometer via a 1m cable. There are various measurement functions such as min/max/average and data hold and it has internal storage for up to 99 readings.

In datalogging mode, the Extech AN340 can connect to a PC over a USB connection and saves up to 12000 readings with time and date stamps. The sampling rate is adjustable between 1s and 5-hour intervals.

The Extech AN340 comes supplied with an external mini vane probe, Windows compatible software, USB cable, six AAA batteries and hard carry case. It is supplied with a one-year warranty.

Extech part number: AN340

Key Features

  • Air flow velocity: 0.5m/s to 20m/s
  • Air temperature: -20˚ to 60˚C
  • Humidity: 0.1% to 99.9%
  • Wet bulb & dew point calculation
  • CMM and CFM volume flow calculation
  • Internal memory for 99 readings
  • Min/max/avg recording
  • Saves up to 12,000 readings in datalogging mode
  • USB connection and PC interface
  • One-year warranty
What's In The Box?
  • Extech AN340 CMM CMF Anemometer/Psychrometer Data Logger
  • External mini vane probe
  • Windows compatible software
  • USB cable
  • 6 x AAA batteries
  • Hard carry case
  • Instructions for Extech AN340
More Information

Air speed

  • Range: 0.5 to 20m/s
  • Accuracy: ±3%


  • Range: -20˚C to 60˚C
  • Accuracy: ±0.6˚C


  • Range: 0.1 to 99.99% RH
  • Accuracy: ±3% RH


  • Wet bulb: -20˚C to 60˚C
  • Dew point: -20˚C to 60˚C
  • CFM/CMM: 0 to 99999
  • Dimensions: 169mm x 78.3mm x 44.4mm
  • Weight: 210g