Extech DT40M Laser Distance Meter

  • Distance measurement range of 5cm to 40m via laser sensor
  • Area and volume calculated automatically
  • Internal memory for up to 20 readings
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Extech DT40M Laser Distance Meter

The Extech DT40M Laser Distance Meter can measure distances between 5cm and 40m thanks to non-contact laser measurement. Readings are accurate to ±2mm and precise to 0.001m. The meter has automatic calculation for both volume and area as well as a continuous measurement function with min/max recording.

Three internal Pythagorean models allow the Extech DT40M to measure the distance between two remote points whilst a stakeout function is particularly useful for marking the distances between studs and fence posts.

The Extech DT40M has a digital screen that is capable of showing four readings at once. An inbuilt spirit level ensures that distances can always be made across a level plane. The distance meter is covered by a one-year warranty and comes supplied with a wrist strap, pouch and batteries.

Extech part number: DT40M

Key Features

  • Distance range: 5cm to 40m
  • Accuracy: ±2mm
  • Resolution: 0.001m
  • Area calculation: 99,999m2
  • Volume calculation: 99,999m3
  • Three inbuilt Pythagoras functions
  • Min/max recording feature
  • Stakeout function for studs and fenceposts
  • Built in spirit level
  • Memory for up to 20 readings
More Information
  • Measurement Range: 0.05 to 40m (2” to 131ft)
  • Accuracy: ±2mm (±0.08”)
  • Resolution: 0.1", 0.01ft, 0.001m
  • Area calculation: 99,999ft², 99,999m²
  • Volume calculation: 99,999 ft³, 99,999 m³
  • Dimensions / Weight: 116 x 56 x 32mm (4.6 x 2.2 x 1.3”) / 100g (3.5oz)