Extech EN300 5-in-1 Environmental Meter

Multifunction environmental meter for humidity, temp, air velocity, light and sound measurements. Ideal for checking working conditions.
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Extech EN300 5-in-1 Environmental Meter

The Extech EN300 is a 5-in-1 environmental meter that allows users to test humidity, temperature, air velocity, light and sound levels all with one compact instrument.

The Extech EN300 environmental meter has a built-in vane anemometer for making quick and accurate air velocity readings. The high precision humidity sensor has a rapid response time for effortless readings of relative humidity. To acquire sound and light level readings is as simple as pointing the EN300 tester in the desired direction.

The large LCD allows the Extech EN300 to simultaneously display temperature readings with air velocity or relative humidity values, while in Light-Sound mode the characters reverse direction so that they can still be clearly read when the EN300 meter is rotated to measure light intensity and sound levels.

The Extech Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light-Sound Meter is an extremely versatile device that allows accurate diagnostics to be made of various environments from solving HVAC problems to assessing the safety of working conditions.

Extech EN300 Multifunction Environmental Meter Features

  • Measures humidity, temperature, air velocity, light and sound
  • Large LCD for clear display of readings
  • Simultaneous display of temperature with air velocity or humidity
  • Data hold and Min/Max functions
  • Built-in low friction vane wheel for accurate air velocity readings
  • Precision thin-film capacitance humidity sensor for fast response times
  • Thermistor for ambient temperature measurements
  • Type K input for temperature measurements up to 1300C
  • Photo diode and correction filter for cosine & colour corrected light measurements
  • Sound level measurements meet Class 2 IEC 61672 using A frequency weighting
  • Tripod mount for optional tripod and PC interface for optional Data Acquisition Software

What's In The Box?

  • Extech EN300 Meter
  • Type K Thermocouple Probe
  • Pouch
  • 6 x AAA Batteries

Air Velocity:

Unit Range Resolution Accuracy
ft/min 80 to 5910ft/min 1ft/min ±3% FS
m/s 0.4 to 30m/s 0.1m/s ±3% FS
km/h 1.4 to 108km/h 0.1km/h ±3% FS
MPH 0.9 to 67MPH 0.1MPH ±3% FS
knots 0.8 to 58.3knots 0.1knots ±3% FS


Unit Range Resolution Accuracy
Foot Candles 0 to 1860Fc 0.1Fc ±(5% rdg + 8d)
Lux 0 to 20,000Lux 1Lux ±(5% rdg + 8d)

Relative Humidity:

Range Resolution Accuracy
10 to 95% RH 0.1% RH ±4% RH of rdg


Sensor Range Resolution Accuracy
Thermistor 0 to 50°C 0.1° ±1.2°C
Type K -100 to 1300°C 0.1° ±(1%+1°C) of rdg


Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
dB 35 to 130dB 0.1dB ±1.4dB
Frequency 31.5 to 8,000Hz

Weighting/Response A Weighting/Fast Response

 Power: 6 x AAA Batteries
 Vane Dimensions: 31mm
 Dimensions: 248 x 70 x 34mm
 Weight: 335g