Extech PRC15 Current and Voltage Calibrator

Current and voltage calibrator for testing transducers, transmitters, controllers and other industrial process components.
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Extech PRC15 Current & Voltage Calibrator

The Extech PRC15 Current and Voltage Calibrator provides plant and electrical technicians with a straightforward way of monitoring and calibrating process components including transmitters, transducers, indicators and sensors.

Extech PRC15 Calibrator Features

  • 0 to 24mA readout
  • 0 to 20V DC calibration source
  • Up to five user adjustable calibration presets
  • Palm-sized double moulded housing and large dot-matrix digital backlit LCD
  • Standard banana I/O ports
  • Large battery bank for extended work cycle
  • External power adapter for continuous work cycle

What's In The Box?

  • Extech PRC15 Process Calibrator
  • Test leads
  • Crocodile Clips
  • 100V-240V AC Universal Adaptor with 4 plugs
  • 6 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Source Output: 0 to 24mA current for loads up to 1000 ohms (-25% to 125%) Output 0 to 20V
  • Measure: 0 to 50mA current signal (-25 to 230%); 0 to 19.99V
  • Power/Measure: Provides power (24V DC) to loop & measures current
  • Input/Output Ranges
  • 0 to 19.99mA (0.01mA resolution)
  • 0 to 24.0mA (0.1mA resolution)
  • 0 to 1999mV (1mV resolution)
  • 0 to 20.00V (10mV resolution)
  • Accuracy: 0.01% ±1 digit
  • Dimensions: 159 x 80 x 44mm
  • Weight: 232g