Extech TKG150 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Datalogger

  • Non-destructive thickness measurement up to 0.040" to 20" of steel with 5MHz probe
  • Datalogger recording up to 50,000 readings and 5000 waveforms
  • Echo to Echo, B-scan functionality, plus differential and velocity modes
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Expecting to ship late-May

Extech TKG150 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Datalogger

Perfect for non-destructive thickness measurement of steel structures, including boiler tubes, containers, pipes, ship hulls and more, the Extech TKG150 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Datalogger is a compact instrument useful in a range of scenarios.

Utilising ultrasonic technology to analyse the thickness of materials, the TKG150 offers a wide measurement range (0.040" to 20" of steel) with its 5MHz probe, or can employ an optional 10MHz probe for a range of 0.020” to 20".

Featuring an internal datalogger capable of recording up to 50,000 readings and 5000 waveforms (expandable to 100K readings), the TKG150 is packaged with Extech XPorter software, allowing you to export your data to Excel, Notepad and more.

This upgraded model also includes an Echo to Echo option for increased accuracy, measuring only the metal thickness and disregarding paint or other coatings, as well as B-scan functionality, displaying a visual cross section of the test piece, plus multiple transducer options for high temperature and difficult to measure materials.

Designed for use in any environment with its rugged IP54 high-impact housing, backlit sunlight-readable dot-matrix display and long battery life, the Extech TKG150 offers a variety of useful features, including differential and velocity modes, a fast minimum function, plus hold/freeze and min/max capture modes.

Complete with a 5MHz Transducer, 2oz bottle of couplant, USB Cable, XPorter software, batteries and a hard carrying case, the TKG150 is an ideal thickness tester and datalogger for your testing needs.

What's In The Box?

  • Extech TKG150 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Datalogger
  • Protective Holster
  • 2oz Bottle of couplant
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • 5MHz Transducer
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • USB Cable
  • XPorter software for the Extech TKG150
  • Thickness Range (in Steel): 5MHz probe 0.040 to 20" (1.0 to 508mm); Optional 10MHz probe 0.020 to 20" (0.50 to 508mm)
  • Material velocity calibration range: 0.200 to 0.7362 in/μS (0.508 to 18.699mm/μS)
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Finnish, and Hungarian
  • Units: Inches/Millimeters/Microseconds
  • Gain – Variable Adjustment: Low, Standard, High
  • Datalogger: Stores 50k readings and 5000 waveforms (expandable up to 100k readings)
  • Battery Life: Up to 50 hrs (20hrs w/backlighting)