ITC Level 3 Thermography Course

  • ITC Category 3 Thermography certification
  • Mandatory face-to-face delivery
  • Requires valid Level 2 ITC Thermography Certificate
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ITC Level 3 Thermography Course

ITC’s Level 3 certification training teaches thermographers how to establish and manage a successful thermography program across a variety of applications and industries. Content includes instruction on how to establish inspection procedures, apply industry-specific standards, manage training and certification needs, budget for equipment purchases and implement safety protocols. Participants will also learn how to develop an equipment list, establish severity criteria, set repair priorities and determine IR survey frequencies; all critical elements of a successful inspection program. Hands-on work is emphasized too with labs that re-enforce the principles discussed including exercises that address advanced thermal science, written procedures and industry standards.

In order to attend a Level 3 Thermography Course the Level 2 thermography course completion certificate is required.

Available Dates

  • 15 - 18th November 2022 - Fareham

Course Content

  • Identifying safety requirements for thermographers and accompanying personnel for IR surveys.
  • Recognizing key elements of a successful IR Thermography program.
  • Understanding the process used to create an IR procedure.
  • Learning how to create an IR thermography budget.
  • Developing a written practice for Level I, Level II and Level III thermographers.
  • Creating a custom IR report template and proper reporting procedures.

Level 3 learning objectives, contact hours, and written exam are based on requirements outlined by ANSI/ASNT CP-105 and CP-189 of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing.

Key Features

  • ITC are one of the leading authorities on thermography and thermographic applications
  • Level 3 (advanced) level qualification
  • Requires ITC Category 2 Thermographer qualification to enrol
  • Covers major techniques, theories and tools required to become a proficient thermographer
  • Complete face-to-face delivery
  • Multiple UK venues available

Please note that all ITC course bookings are subject to availability & approval from the course provider.