Kewtech TK1 Electrical Testing Accessory Kit

Essential Kewtech accessories which will make installation testing quicker, easier and safer. Sold collectively at a bargain price!
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Kewtech TK1 Electrical Testing Accessory Kit

Kewtech Lightmate Kit:

Speed up testing light fittings by using the Lightmates. Simply unscrew the fitting, plug in the Lightmate, connect your tester and press "test". It is that easy. The Kewtech Lightmate kit comes with the following connections: Bayonet, Small Bayonet, GU10 Halogen, Edison Screw, Small Edison Screw.

Kewtech R2 Socket Adaptor:

The Kewcheck R2 enables good connection to the electrical wiring installation with 4mm test probes without taking the 3 pin socket off the wall. It facilitates R2 and R1 + R2 measurements as well as voltage detection at wall socket outlets.

Kewtech Kewlok - MCB Lockout Device:

A small universal padlock designed to fit most main circuit breakers. The Kewlok is an safety essential accessory for every electrician carrying out installation testing. Comes supplied with "Warning" and "Lockout" tags.

Kewtech R1 + R2 Jumpleads:

Kewtech jump leads are designed as a alternative to termination blocks used when loop testing and performing R1 & R2 tests. They significantly speed up testing time, and an essential tool when carrying out ring mains testing.

Kewtech Kewstick Voltage Detector:

Clearly detects 100-600 volts AC without metal contact. The tip of the Kewstick glows red when voltage is detected

What's In The Box?

  • Kewtech Lightmate Kit - includes all 5 Lightmates
  • Kewtech R2 4mm Socket Adaptor
  • Kewtech Kewlok - MCB Lockout Device
  • Kewtech R1 + R2 Jumpleads
  • Kewtech Kewstick Uno Volt Detector
  • Kewtech PAT Adaptor 1
  • Kewtech branded Carry Case FREE
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Typically ships in 1-3 working days