Kewtech ACC50MTL R2 50m Earth Extension Reel

50 m Test Lead Extension for easy earth bond continuity verification & R2 measurements can be used with all types of insulation & multifunction tester
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Kewtech ACC50MTL 50m Earth Extension Reel

Kewtech ACC50MTL 50 m Test Lead Extension for easy earth bond continuity verification and R2 measurements.

The Kewtech ACC50MTL is an essential electricians accessory ideal for ceiling roses, light fittings and circuits far away. It is the only way to test for earth bond continuity as well as for R2 measurements. It also comes with its own detachable crocodile clip for the loose end. First, measure the resistance of the test lead itself and record, or if using auto-null facility on your continuity tester, zero out this resistance. Connect the cro-clip to the extension reel's loose end and connect to the earth point at the distribution board. Unwind the appropriate length of test lead cable, then connect your continuity tester to the extension reel's central 4mm connector and to the point to be tested.

Please note: One end of the earth bonding should be disconnected to avoid parallel earth paths.

R2 measurements are swiftly accomplished when using a Kewcheck R2 and the Kewtech ACC50MTL together.

  • 50m of high quality multi-stranded copper test lead
  • Built in rewinder handle