Megger MJÖLNER 600 Micro-Ohmmeter

The Megger Mjolner 600 is suitable for measuring low resistance electrical loads, such as circuit breaker contacts, electrical bus bars, element contacts and other high current electrical applications
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Megger MJÖLNER 600 Micro-Ohmmeter

The Megger Mjonler 600 Micro-Ohmmeter is designed for conducting easy, safe and versatile resistance measurements of circuit breaker contacts, supply bus bars, electrical elements and other high current electrical loads.

Being able to output current between 5A and 600A in 1A steps allows accurate low resistance measurements to be taken, displayed and printed, thus avoiding unreliable test measurements associated with low current testing. Testing can also be conducted inside high-risk, access forbidden areas with the option of a separate remote control, which can be selected from the options above.

MJÖLNER 600 can also carry out low resistance measurements using the DualGround method. DualGround requires that the test object is earthed on both sides throughout the test period, allowing for a fast and stable measurement. As the DualGround current clamp is an optional accessory, it may be selected from the drop down list above.

Contained within a strong case, the Megger Mjölner 600 is ready for use in various environments. With the hinged lid closed, the micro-ohmmeter will withstand ingress from water, dust and sand particles and will even float. Resistance measurements can be downloaded to a computer and presented using the optional Mjölner Win PC software, available from the options above.

Why test resistance at such a low value?

If the contact resistance on a high current electrical joint is too high, temperature rises and power loss are inevitable leading to a host of problems such as overheating joints and electrical equipment failure. The following table demonstrates the importance of low resistance joins within high current applications:

CurrentContact ResistancePower Loss 
10,000A (10kA) 1 milli-Ohm 100,000 Watts (100kW)
10,000A (10kA) 0.1 milli-Ohm 10,000 Watts (10kW)
1,000A (1kA) 1 milli-Ohm 1,000 Watts (1kW)
1,000A (1kA) 0.1 milli-Ohm 100 Watts


Key Features

  • Fully automatic testing
  • Safe test – DualGround (optional DualGround kit available)
  • True DC current output
  • Waterproof, lightweight case
  • Remote test (optional remote control available)
  • Built in thermal printer
  • PC interface connection (Optional Mjölner Win PC software available)

We Have a Choice Of Four MJÖLNER 600 Kits:

Part number Includes 3m Test Lead SetIncludes 5m Test Lead Set Includes 200A DC Current Clamp
BB-59000 (Standalone product) - - -
BB-59090 (With 3m leadset) - -
BB-59091 (With 5m leadset) - -
BB-59092 (With 3m leadset and clamp) DualGround Kit -

What's In The Box?

  • Megger MJÖLNER 600 Unit
  • Cable set, current cables 2 x 5 m (16 ft), 35 mm2
  • Sensing cables 2 x 5 m (16 ft)
  • Ground cable, 5 m (16 ft) 2.5 mm2
  • DualGround kit (XA-12992), Current probe 200 A, max. con-ductor size 50 mm diameter (2”), test cables 5m (optional, please select above)

Note: Unit can be purchased without test leads - Please select above.

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