Metrel CS2099 EuroCheck Calibration Checkbox

Verify the ongoing accuracy of your Insulation & Continuity, Loop and RCD testers by using the Metrel CS2099 Calibration Checkbox
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Metrel CS2099 EuroCheck Calibration Checkbox

Many certification bodies now require their electrician members to self check their own test instruments on a more regilar basis than the standard 12 month calibration period.

By self checking your instruments with the Metrel EuroCheck CS2099, you can save money by prolonging how often you send your meters away for calibration and have the peace of mind that your instruments are giving accurate readings on all of your installations.

The Metrel CS2099 will check the accuracy of all Metrel and other multifunction testers. This also includes all makes of Insulation and Continuity, Loop and RCD testers.

The Metrel CS2099 EuroCheck Checkbox comes supplied with a Calibration Certificate and Carrying Case.

Metrel CS2099 EuroCheck Key Features:

  • Checks all makes of multifunction testers
  • Gives continuous insurance that your meter is measuring accurately
  • Comes with full calibration certificate
  • Supplied in bespoke Carry Case

What's In The Box?

  • Metrel CS2099 EuroCheck Calibration Checkbox
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Carry Case