Metrel MI3002 Eurotest DL (Hire Only)

Downloading Multifunction tester with Free Software. Comprehensive tester with on screen help guides. Ideal for testing TT, TN and IT Systems
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Metrel MI3002 Eurotest DL Multifunction Installation Tester

The Metrel MI3002 Eurotest DL is the latest addition to Metrel's already impressive range of Multifunction Tester. The MI3002 is also the most cost effective Multifunction Tester on the UK market that still comes with free software for downloading your inspection and testing results. All test results can be saved and referenced on thie unit while working on-site, and can then be downloaded into the Metrel Eurolink PRO Software that comes supplied Free with this tester. The Metrel Eurolink enables the user to download the test data, create a simple report or export the measured data onto a spreadsheet.

The Metrel MI 3002 EurotestDL 17th Edition tester allows you to test and certify fixed electrical installation in compliance with the Part P, 17th Edition regulations, BS7671 and BS EN61557. The 3002 Eurotest DL can perform a variety of electrical tests including: Continuity Testing, Insulation Testing, RCD testing including Ramp Test and a no RCD trip feature, Earth Loop impedance testing and PSC (prospective shirt circuit current. Basically all the tests you need to fully ensure safety within electrical installations in both commercial and domestic environments. The Metrel MI 3002DL can even perform online voltage monitoring and phase sequence testing. It is the ideal unit for electricians and engineers performing high volumes of testing on TT, TN and IT Systems.

The New Eurotest MI3002DL features unique "Pass/Fail" screen with tables for fuse characteristics which allow for Pass/Fail evaluation of loop readings according to regulations. The Metrel EurotestDL has substantial capability of testing RCD's. The "all 6 in 1 visit" RCD testing mode makes it easy. Reset the breaker and the MI3002 will carry out all the tests needed. The RCD Ramp test will indicate actual trip current and the RCD Triplock feature will prevent any tripping of RCD's.

You can keep this unit upgraded with the latest regulations and up to 500 results can be stored on its multi-layer memory structure. The Metrel MI3002DL has an in built charging circuit and comes supplied with a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries. If you are a novice to using this tester, the Eurotest MI3002DL even has on-screen help guides describing how to perform a measurement.

The Metrel MI 3002 EurotestDL comes supplied in a soft and handy Metrel bag that stores both your tester, test leads and any other accessories like Socket Adaptors and Kewtech Lightmates. Weighing just under 1.3kg the Metrel Eurotest DL has taken both speed of testing and portability into consideration. The long term reliability of this multifunction tester is guaranteed by Metrel's 3 year warranty. This is the cost effective choice for anyone looking for a high quality Multifunction Tester full of features and with ability to download test results.

Metrel's Eurolink PRO PLUS is also available in our Metrel MI3002 Eurotest DL Kit 2. The upgraded software enables the user to download the results and print out NICEIC, Napit or Select certificates.

The Eurotest DL Kit 2 also comes supplied with a fitted Hard carry case for the tester offering a better protection of your investment.

This carry case is also available in our Metrel Eurotest DL Kit 1.

What's In The Box?

  • FREE Calibration Checkbox, Voltage Tester or R2 Wander Lead Adaptor (chosen by you)
  • Metrel EuroLink PRO Software
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Soft carrying neck belt
  • Mains measuring cable (1,5 m)
  • Tip commander probe (2 wire)
  • RS232 FW upgrade cable
  • Test probes (green, brown & blue)
  • Croc clips (green, brown & blue)
  • Test cable Universal connection
  • 3 x 1,5 m (3 wire lead)
  • USB cable
  • 6 NiMh AA batteries
  • 12 V adaptor mains lead
  • Universal 12 V adaptor
  • Manual on CD
  • Start-up guide and quick-test guide
  • Calibration certificate
  • 36 months manufacturers warranty.

Optional extras, spares & accessories Metrel Accessories

  • Continuity Test R1 & R2
  • Insulation tests @ 100v, 250v, 500v, and 1000v
  • Insulation range up to1000MΩ
  • Complete RCD Auto Test - "All 6 tests in 1 visit"
  • RCD Ramp Test - indicates actual trip current
  • RCD Triplock - Guaranteed not to trip RCD's
  • Loop, ZE,ZS,110V,230V and 415V
  • PSC (Measure the potential fault current between phase/neutral and earth/neutral conductors), LE and LN
  • Multi Voltage System Support
  • Multi Voltage Monitor "online" single/3 phase
  • Phase rotation
  • Polarity Test
  • Frequency Test
  • Metrel MI 3002 Dimensions (w x h x l): 230 x 103 x 115 mm
  • Weight (without accessories): 1.3 kg