Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC 2.5kV Insulation / Continuity Tester

  • Measures insulation resistance up to 99.9GΩ with test voltages up to 2.5kV
  • Continuity test of PE conductors with 200mA or 7mA test current
  • Performs diagnostics on insulation measurement e.g. PI and DAR
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Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC 2.5kV Insulation / Continuity Tester

Metrel MI3121H

The Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC 2.5kV Insulation / Continuity Tester is a versatile instrument that is suitable for testing insulation on a wide range of equipment including cable lines, current/voltage transformers, and electric motors. It is ideal for use on the Cat IV supply side of installations, including industrial installations, and the continuity testing function can be used on PE conductors and main/supplementary PE connections.

The insulation testing function on the Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC can measure insulation resistance from 0MΩ to 99.9GΩ with a maximum resolution of 0.01MΩ and a best accuracy of ±5%. It has test voltages of 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V and 2500V DC. Various diagnostic features are available including polarisation index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) which help determine if insulation is damaged or contaminated. A guard test terminal prevents potential surface leakage currents.

In terms of continuity testing, the Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC has a standard 200mA test current for use on PE conductors as well as a 7mA current which will avoid unnecessarily tripping RCDs. Automatic polarity swap makes it easy to connect whilst performing continuity tests. Other measurement functions include voltage measurement from 0V to 550V and frequency measurement from 0Hz to 500Hz.

The user can set their own PASS/FAIL limits for both continuity testing and insulation resistance testing. The overall test result will then be indicated by a red or green LED alongside the numeric test result that is displayed on the Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC’s clear digital screen. An incorporated bar graph provides a visual representation of test results.

The Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC has a two-level internal memory that saves test results alongside test settings. This can then be downloaded to a PC using an RS-232 or USB cable in combination with supplied Eurolink PRO software which is also used for result analysis and reporting. Operation of the tester is very easy, even when wearing gloves, thanks to large simple buttons and an intuitive interface.

A magnetic holder on the back of the Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC allows it to be fixed to a ferrous surface during use and it is rated as Cat III 600V, Cat IV 300V. It comes supplied with a soft hand strap, test leads, test probes, crocodile clips, batteries, and a calibration certificate.

Metrel part number: MI3121H

Key Features

  • Insulation resistance range: 0 to 99.9GΩ
  • Test voltages: 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V and 2500V DC
  • 7mA and 200mA continuity testing
  • PI and DAR insulation diagnostics
  • Automatic polarity swapping
  • Voltage and frequency measurement
  • User adjustable PASS/FAIL limits
  • Two-tier internal memory
  • USB and RS-232 communication ports
  • Cat III 600V, Cat IV 300V
What's In The Box?
  • Metrel MI3121H SMARTEC 2.5kV Insulation/Continuity Tester
  • Soft hand strap
  • Test lead, 2 x 1.5m
  • Test probe, 2 pcs (black, red)
  • Crocodile clip, 2 pcs (black, red)
  • Power supply adaptor + 6 NimH rechargeable AA batteries
  • Instruction manual on storage media
  • Short instruction manual
  • Handbook on storage media
  • Calibration certificate
More Information

Insulation Resistance (500V, 100V 2500V DC test voltage)


  • 0.00 to 19.99MΩ
  • 20.0MΩ to 199.9MΩ
  • 200MΩ to 999MΩ
  • 1.00GΩ to 4.99GΩ
  • 5.00GΩ to 19.99GΩ
  • 20.0GΩ to 99.9GΩ


  • 0.01MΩ
  • 0.1MΩ
  • 1MΩ
  • 10MΩ
  • 10MΩ
  • 100MΩ


  • ±(5% + 3 digits)
  • ±5%
  • ±5%
  • ±10%
  • ±20%
  • ±20%

Insulation Resistance (100V, 250V)


  • 0.00MΩ to 19.99MΩ
  • 20.0MΩ to 199.9MΩ
  • 200MΩ to 999MΩ


  • 0.01MΩ
  • 0.1MΩ
  • 1MΩ


  • ±(5% + 3 digits)
  • ±10%
  • ±20%


  • Ranges: 0.01 to 9.99; 10.0 to 100.0
  • Resolutions: 0.01; 0.1
  • Accuracies: ±(5% + 2 digits)

Continuity 200mA of PE conductor with polarity change (EN 61557-4)

  • Ranges: 0.00Ω to 19.99Ω; 10.0Ω to 199.9Ω; 200Ω to 1999Ω
  • Resolutions: 0.01Ω; 0.1Ω; 1Ω
  • Accuracy: ±(3% + 3 digits); ±5%; ±10%

Low resistance measurement with 7mA test current (continuous measurement)

  • Ranges: 0.0Ω to 19.9Ω; 20Ω to 1999Ω
  • Resolution: 0.1Ω; 1Ω
  • Accuracy: ±(5% + 3 digits); ±10%


  • Ranges: 0.0V to 99.9V; 100V to 550V
  • Resolutions: 0.1V; 1V
  • Accuracy: ±(3% + 3 digits)


  • Ranges: 0.00Hz to 19.99Hz; 20.0Hz to 199.9Hz; 200Hz to 500Hz
  • Resolutions: 0.01Hz; 0.1Hz; 1Hz
  • Accuracy: ±(0.2% + 1 digit)


  • Power supply: 6 x 1.2V rechargeable batteries, type AA
  • Overvoltage category: Cat III 600V; Cat IV 300V
  • Protection class: Double insulation
  • COM port: RS-232 and USB
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 230mm x 80mm
  • Weight: 0.85kg