Metrix Scopix III OX 7202 200MHz Oscilloscope

Multi-functional oscilloscope with 2 x 200MHz isolated channels & upto 100GS/s sampling rate especially for electronic applications.
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Metrix Scopix III OX 7202 200MHz Oscilloscope

The MetrixScopix III OX 7202 200MHz Oscilloscope provides the functions of an oscilloscope, FFT analyser, multimeter/wattmeter and has optional upgrades so that it also has harmonic analyser and digital recording properties. In performance terms, the dual channel 200MHz Scopix III OX 7202 oscilloscope is at the top of it's category with ;a brand new 12 bit / 2.5GS/s converter, a sampling rate of 100 GS/s on periodic signals and capture of transients lasting 2 ns or more. The OX 7202 extends the range of possible applications with its 200 MHz bandwidth, particularly for applications in electronics, laboratories, R&D departments, electronic maintenance, etc. The OX7102 oscilloscope can be controlled using either the simple navigation of the "Windows-like" menus on the easy to read, colour, touch screen or 33 dedicated keys offering direct access to the most frequently-used functions.

Metrix Scopix III OX 7202 200MHz Scope Features:

  • Sampling rate of 2.5GS/s in one shot mode, 100GS/s in ETS mode.
  • 2 x 200MHz isolated measurement channels
  • 2 independent TRMS digital multimeters
  • LCD colour touch screen
  • Probix 'plug & play' inputs and smart sensors for efficient and accurate setup
  • Real-time FFT analysis and calculation
  • USB and Ethernet connections
  • Triggering on measurement thresholds
  • Web server with cursors and automatic measurements
  • 50000 points/channel memory with Extended Acquisition Memory option, 2500 without.

The Metrix Scopix OX 7202 is a genuine 2 channel TRMS digital multimeter that offers measurements of AC/DC voltage, current, power and thermocouples, resistance, continuity, capacitance and component tests. Additional adaptors can be used to measure temperature. The Scopix III oscilloscope can use 1 or 2 thresholds per channel to monitor the measurements so that faults as short as 48ms can be captured. Measurements can be automatically recorded on all the active channels over a period from 5mins to 1 month.

The Metrix OX 7202 200MHz oscilloscope offers advanced triggering modes. The delay mode allows users to observe any event with the maximum resolution, even if it occurs a long time after the effective trigger or on 2 different channels. The counting mode makes it possible to count events prior to triggering so that you can check the content of digital frames, for example. The trigger can also be associated with an "auxiliary" signal different from the "primary" signal. A new function offering triggering on thresholds can be used to acquire the triggering signal as well as to search for a condition on an automatic measurement. The real-time fast fourier transform (FFT) is used for signal frequency analysis and is useful for effective diagnosis when performing qualitative signal analysis such as harmonics, distortion, pulse response and noise sources in logic circuits.

With a single click all 19 parameters of a signal can be displayed. A specific measurement area can be selected to ensure reliable, more accurate results. The Scopix III OX7202 oscilloscope makes direct comparison of two traces possible by displaying the signal’s 19 parameters as deviations. In oscilloscope mode, the OX7102 has a range of mathematical functions including sine, cosine, exponential and logarithm that allow for detailed waveform analysis. Complex functions such as trace simulation are editable and the Scopix III has an infinite capacity for saving created functions.

The ethernet interface and the new "ScopeNet" web server mean that even when you are on the road you can print out your results on a network printer or exchange files between the Scopix and a computer. You can also communicate with the instrument remotely from any PC, view the traces in real time and control the instrument using the control panel. Whether local or remote, transfer and exchange operations can be carried out simply, quickly and without installing any software on the computer. This portable oscilloscope for industrial and electronic maintenance help to solve problems of printing, backup and documentation of traces.

A high-speed digital recorder can be added into the Scopix III OX 7202 to monitor physical or mechanical variations over time allowing acquisition rates of up to 40μs between two measurements. Automatic fault capture is possible by monitoring 1 or 2 thresholds per channel. The fault duration can be set from 160μs to 8 days. The capture function triggers storage in long-term memory or automatic capture of successive time/date-stamped faults. Analysis can be carried out on the instrument along with mathematical calculations and exporting files into a spreadsheet.

Harmonic analysis is carried out up to the 61st order to comply with the requirements of the EN 50160 standard (THD on 50 orders minimum), with a fundamental frequency of 40 to 450 Hz. This function helps to improve analysis performance and allows measurement when the level of a harmonic order is greater than the fundamental. It is possible to view the harmonic analyses simultaneously.

Harmonic Analyser option (HX0028): additional £202

Digital Recorder option (HX0029): additional £202

50k Memory option (HX0077): additional £215

What's In The Box?

  • Metrix Scopix III OX 7202 Portable 2 Channel 200MHz Oscilloscope
  • 1/10 Probix probe (HX0030A)
  • Probix BNC adaptor (HX0031)
  • Probix Ø 4mm banana adaptor (HX0033)
  • Set of Ø 4mm banana leads
  • Crossed Ethernet cable (HX0040)
  • USB cable (HX0084)
  • Magnetic stylus
  • 512MB SD memory card & adaptor
  • External power supply/battery charger
  • 9.6V NiMH battery pack
  • Operating manual on CD

For full specifications of the Scopix III OX 7202 200MHz Oscilloscope please view the pdf Chauvin Arnoux Scopix III OX 7202 Oscilloscope