Metrohm LLT33 33kV AC Live Line Tester Kit

Dual purpose HV detection and phase comparison in one Live Line Tester Kit. Suitable for up to 33kV AC electrical systems. All high voltage readings are displayed on the analogue meter and the housing can be rotated through 240 degrees to ensure a perfect viewing position.
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Metrohm LLT33 33kV AC Live Line Test Kit

The Live Line Tester Kits (LLT) have been specifically designed to perform measurements for both live voltage testing and phasing on overhead lines, in substations and within switchgear compartments. The Live Line Test Kit includes all necessary components to effectively carry out these tests. All components are housed within a heavy duty carry case with secure compartments. Made from high quality fibreglass rods and polycarbonate mouldings the equipment is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use including wet conditions. The equipment has been designed to operate within the temperature range: - 25°C to + 50°C.

Metrohm LLT33 Kit Key Features:

  • Dual purpose HV detection and phase comparison
  • Self powered operation
  • Indicates the presence of live voltage on circuits up to 33kV AC
  • Positive phasing test
  • High voltage measurement
  • High quality fibreglass rod
  • Proving and repeater units
  • DC version available
  • High immunity to interference field

Designed to comply with the requirements of IEC1243 part 2, the Metrohm LLT33 uses long established techniques for high voltage measurement. All readings are displayed on an analogue meter, the housing of which can be rotated through 240 degrees to ensure a perfect viewing position. A battery operated proving unit allows the equipment to be tested before and after measurements have been made and can also be used to check full scale deflection on the meter.

Adaptors are available to allow Bowthorpe Rods to be connected for testing of raised conductors and a Repeater Station can be supplied to replicate meter readings at ground level. Space is reserved in the Live Line Test Kit carry case for such accessories.

What's In The Box?

  • Carry Case
  • Live line tester LLT 33 with earth lead
  • Phasing rod with phasing lead
  • 2 extension rods
  • 2 bend end adaptors
  • 2 overhead line adaptors
  • Proving Unit with batteries
  • Polymer Cleaning Kit
  • Instruction manual for Metrohm LLT33
  • Calibration Certificate