Power Quality Health Check

  • Decipher the vast array of data recorded by power quality analysers
  • Presents information with intuitive ‘traffic light’ system and offers helpful advice
  • Compatible with any model of power quality analyser
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Power Quality Health Check

Power quality analysers measure a huge range of variables that indicate power consumption patterns across properties in order to correctly map and analyse power usage. However, the complex matrix of recorded measurements can be very confusing and sometimes assistance is needed to help decode the information.

A Power Quality Health Check will allow users to send in information from a power quality analyser or logger in order to produce a simple, structured report taking into account common issues such as power factor, under or over voltage, voltage harmonics and current harmonics.

Additional aspects of the report include comments and basic analysis which highlights any areas for concern. Advice is presented for voltage optimisation, power factor correction and harmonic filtering. The report may also recommend further steps to take, particularly further analysis, and everything is presented in an intuitive traffic light system.

When a Power Quality Health Check is purchased, we will get in touch as soon as possible to ask a few questions and arrange the transfer of a file for a one week survey of an electrical installation over e-mail. On receipt of the file, a report will be produced within 48 hours and made available to the end user as a PDF file. The service is compatible with any power quality analyser or energy logger.