Roll of Mark and Seal PAT Labels

Roll of 500 "Passed" Electrical Safety PAT Test Labels with a plastic stick down flap to protect your test details against harsh enviroments
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Mark & Seal PAT Testing Labels - Over Laminated

These PAT Testing Labels/Stickers have an over laminated stick down flap which seals in the test details and keeps them safe from all elements such as water, grease and dust. Simply write PAT Test details down on the PAT Test label then fold over and seal the sticky flap. Ideal for PAT testing after the appliance has passed its PAT Test (ie: formal visual inspection and electrical safety tests). They identify that the portable appliance is safe to use. Typically used on constructions sites and outdoor environments where weather and working conditions can affect and ruin standard Pass Labels.

500 OVER LAMINATE PASS Labels (WM45) on a roll. PAT Label size: 40 x 35mm each.