Seaward Europa Plus PAT Tester (Hire Only)

Fast & efficient, tests both 230V & 110V appliances. One of the best downloadable testers for simplicity and overall performance.
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Seaward Europa PAT Tester

The Seaward Europa Plus can test both 230V & 110V appliances. It can carry out a full range of tests from an Earth bond test to a polarity test. The Europa is the standard tester used by professional Pat testing companies. It is also suitable for in house testing at schools, offices, colleges, hospitals offices, shops & factories. The Europa is perfectly safe for testing PC's, IT equipment and all other office equipment with its safe low current tests.

The Seaward Europa PAT tester also records the asset details you input along with test results allowing for future download to a PC or printer using optional dedicated software. Up to 5000 Results can be stored in the testers memory, meaning a full days testing can be carried out without any need for interruption to clear the Europa's memory. Like the other PAT testers in the Seaward range it’s portable and comes with a dedicated carry case so you can just pick it up and move on to the next test with ease.

With a Qwerty keyboard to speed up data input, excellent display and on screen guidance for the novice user, the Europa Plus could not be simpler to use. Professional PAT Testers can turn off the on screen help for speedier, hassle free testing.

We also offer a range of Seaward Europa Plus PAT Testing Kits which can be viewed and purchased by clicking here.

What's In The Box?
  • Seaward Europa Plus PAT Tester
  • FREE 110V Appliance Adaptor
  • FREE 110V Extension Lead Adaptor
  • FREE IEC Adaptor Kit
  • FREE 500 Pass Labels
  • FREE 200 Fail Labels
  • Luxury carry case with zipped pouches
  • Red Protective holster
  • Earth bond continuity test lead with crocodile clip
  • RS232 download lead
  • Instruction manual
  • 12 months manufacturers warranty
More Information

Earth Continuity

  • Test Currents: 25A AC, 10A AC, 4A AC+-200mA DC
  • Display Range: 0.01ohms - 19.99ohms
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Measurement Technique: 4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth

Earth Screen Continuity

  • Test Current: 100mA
  • Display Range: 0.00ohms - 19.99ohms
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Measurement Technique: 4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth

Insulation Resistance

  • Test Voltage: 250V, 500V DC
  • Display Range: 0.1Mohm - 100Mohm
  • Pass Value: User Defined

Protective Conductor Current

  • Test Voltage: 230V
  • Display Range: 0.1mA - 10mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined

Touch Current

  • Test Voltage: 230V
  • Display Range: 0.1mA - 2.0mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined

Substitute Leakage

  • Test Voltage: 40V AC Nominal
  • Display Range: 1.00mA - 19.99mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined

Load Test

  • Display Range: 0kVA - 4.2kVA

IEC Lead Polarity

  • Tests Performed: Live/Neutral Continuity and Polarity

If you require a more detailed specification please see the Seaward Europa Plus PDF pdf