Seaward Test n Tag PRO Printer (Serial cable)

  • Compact and lightweight PAT label Printer with serial cable 
  • Compatible only with the Seaward Primetest 250 
  • Use with Primary battery cells or rechargeable batteries
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Seaward Test n Tag Pro Printer Serial Only 339A933

The Seaward Test and Tag Pro is a lightweight portable PAT test label printer designed for fast effective printing when used in conjunction with the Seaward Primetest 250 PLUS PAT Tester.  The printer features a high speed processor and an extensive memory for some of the fastest label printing on the market.

The Test N Tag Pro is capable of printing durable PAT labels containing the Pass/Fail indication, appliance ID number and test date.

The printer is versatile offering the user the option to power the unit either by the primary cells provided or via a rechargeable pack.

This version of the Seaward Test N Tag Pro Printer communicates via the serial cable provided and is compatible with the Seaward Primetest 250 Plus Only.

abels for the Seaward Test n Tag Pro Printer can be purchased here.

To purchase the Seaward Test n' Tag Pro Printer as part of a full Seaward Primetest 250+ PAT kit with a tester, software etc please visit our Seaward Primetest 250 PLUS Kits page

Seaward Test n Tag Pro Printer Main Features

  • Compact Printer – One of the smallest portable PAT label printers
  • Smart battery management – Designed for longer battery life
  • Low Running Cost – Each Test N Tag label costs less than 10p
  • Hard wearing labels – prints die cut synthetic labels which are tamper and weather proof
  • Comprehensive list of printable info – Print asset number, username, test status, barcode, test date and next date due
Printer Image
Printer Model Test n’ Tag ELITE 2 Test n’ Tag ELITE Test n’ Tag PRO Bluetooth/Serial Test n’ Tag PRO Serial only
Compatible labels Test n’ Tag ELITE 2 Labels (TNTE135) + Test n’ Tag PRO Labels (TNTP350) Test n’ Tag ELITE Labels (TNTE180) + Test n’ Tag PRO Labels (TNTP350) Test n’ Tag PRO Labels (TNTP350) Test n’ Tag PRO Labels (TNTP350)
Size TNTE135: 52x74mm / TNTP350: 52x25mm TNTE180: 52x74mm / TNTP350: 52x25mm TNTP350: 52x25mm TNTP350: 52x25mm
Perforated (use as both small and cable wrap label) TNTE135: YES / TNTP350: NO TNTE180: YES / TNTP350: NO NO NO
Quantity per roll TNTE135: 135 / TNTP350: 350 TNTE180: 180 / TNTP350: 350 350 350 (Use with PT250+ only)

What's In The Box?

  • Seaward Universal Charger
  • Seaward Battery Pack
  • Primary cell adaptor
  • Belt Clip
  • Serial connection cable (serial version only)
  • Label roll with serial only version (approx. 160 off 52 x 74mm labels)


  • Label roll (approx. 400 off 52 x 25mm labels) 

Compatibility - Serial Connection


  • (W x H xD) 95 x 65 x 128mm


  • 446g (including battery & full roll of paper)

Part number

  • Serial only connection 339A933
Label Type Size Download
pdf Seaward test and tag pro printer datasheet pdf 1.6 MB Download