Socket & See SOK36 Earth / RCD Socket Tester

Socket & See SOK36 checks for correct wiring of UK Sockets. Detects miswires, checks Earth Loop Impedance and has a operational test of 30mA RCD's
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Socket and See SOK36 Earth / RCD Socket Tester

The Socket & See SOK36 Check Plug is a fast and easy to use Socket Tester that ensures that 13A UK sockets are wired correctly as, indicated by all three high brightness, long life neon's illuminating. Potential faults are indicated by one or more neon's failing to light. This failsafe system means that any neon not lit indicates a problem! A great Socket tester.

The Socket & See quick test socket tester is easy to find in your toolkit thanks to it's eye catching colour. The SOK36 Check Plug induces less than 5mA of earth leakage, well below RCD trip thresholds. The NEW Socket & See SOK36 verifies the presence of an earth and assess its quality in 3 easy levels: Good, Check & Urgent Check it also performs an operational check of 30mA RCD's

Socket and See SOK36 Earth / RCD Socket Tester Key Features:

  • Bright LEDs out-perform fragile old style neons
  • Logical "Green for Go" LED indication
  • New circuitry means no tripping RCDs
  • Detects good plus 13 wiring fault conditions
  • Continuous audible tone gives positive good wiring indication
  • Audible warbling tone gives good indication of faulty wiring
  • Advanced electronics include a quad comparator for use on noisy circuits
  • Detects good plus 13 wiring fault conditions
  • The first socket tester to show where the fault is - live, earth or neutral
  • New patent 'fault locate' gives clearest indication around: - more than any other known socket tester
  • Continuous or strong warbling tone gives positive quick indication of good or faulty wiring
  • Built-in self-check at start of testing gives confidence in correct operation at all times
  • The first socket tester to also test earth loop impedance
  • Easy Colour LED's for Earth loop impedance: Red = Urgent Check, Orange = Check & Green = Good
  • Compact Design encourages more frequent socket safety checks
  • Full earth Loop test
  • Test for total supply system polarity safety
  • Operational Check of 30mA RCD's