T&R KV30-40D mk2 High Voltage AC Test System

High voltage 30kV AC electrical test sets for testing insulation systems and the measurement of breakdown voltage on electrical plant and components
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T&R KV30-40D Mk2 AC Test Set

  • 0-30kV AC (KV30-40D model) output voltage
  • 1.2kVA output capability
  • Key operated supply switch to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Dual overload protection
  • Variable electronic trip - 10-110% of rated output
  • Voltage and current metering
  • Zero-volt interlock
  • External 24Vdc interlock circuit
  • Visual indication of test piece failure
  • Digital display

The T&R KV30-40 Mk2 series high voltage AC test sets are general purpose electrical test instruments designed for testing insulation systems and the measurement of breakdown voltage on electrical plant and components.

These High voltage T&R test sets have an AC output voltage variable from zero to 10kV (T and R KV10-120 model), 15kV (T and R KV15-80 model) or 30kV (T and R KV30-40 model) model with accurate digital metering on both the output voltage and current. For safety a zero-voltage interlock is provided, ensuring that the output may only be energised with the voltage control at zero.

The AC output voltage is metered by a digital display. All units have a x0.5 range on the voltmeter giving a full scale of 6kV ,10kV or 20kV respectively. Load current is metered by a second analogue instrument with a full scale of 140mA (KV10-120), 100mA (KV15-80) or 50mA (KV30-40D). A 10 range is provided on both units, allowing the full scale on the current metering to be reduced by a factor of 10.

The test object and output are protected by an adjustable current trip. The trip level may be set to 10-110% of the rated output in 10% steps. Breakdown of the test object is visibly indicated. The unit must be manually reset after a trip condition before testing can be resumed.

The units feature automatic mains voltage selection and an external 24Vdc interlock circuit for connection of emergency off switches and enclosure interlocks.

What's In The Box?
  • Portable case
  • Permanently connected 2 metre long HV output lead
  • T&R ES30 earthing stick
  • Spare fuses
  • Earth lead
  • T&R KV30-40 Operating Manual
  • Calibration Certificate
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The output of the unit is by a permanently connected partially screened high voltage cable. Maximum voltage 30kV AC, Maximum current 40mA.

Unit Type Voltage Continuous 5 minutes
KV30-40 0 to 30kV 20mA 40mA

The above intermittent on times must be followed by an off time of 15 minutes, and are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.


The output voltage on the KV30-40 is metered by a dual range analogue instrument. 20kV / 40kV.

Unit Range Accuracy
KV30-40 0 to 40kV ±2% of full scale

The output current on the KV30-40 is metered by a dual range analogue instrument. 5mA / 50 mA full scale.

Supply Requirements

  • 115V/230V±10% auto-selecting
  • 50/60Hz 1ph 1200VA max

Overload Protection

Two overload protection circuits are provided on the units. The first is user selectable, and allows trip currents between 10% and 110% of the rated output to be set. A trip condition is indicated by an illuminated push button and an audible alarm. The second trip circuit is a magnetic circuit breaker operating on the primary of the HV transformer. This operates on large overloads (such as under flashovers).

Protection and Safety

  • In addition to the output protection the input and control supplies are protected by fuses.
  • All units are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN61010.
  • An earth terminal is provided on the transformer which must be connected to a low impedance local earth.
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