Tenmars ST-140D Datalogging Vibration Meter

  • Stores up to 9999 recordings
  • Provided with long and short head probes
  • Measures acceleration, displacement and velocity
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Tenmars ST-140D Datalogging Vibration Meter

Similar to its cousin the ST-140, the Tenmars ST-140D Vibration Meter measures acceleration, displacement and velocity over a wide range of frequencies and measurements. It comes with highly sensitive long and short probes for taking accurate measurements which therefore makes it a highly versatile measuring device.

The ST-140D differs to the ST-140 because it has an additional data logging feature which improves the memory capacity from 99 readings to 9999 and the ST-140D also possesses a user-friendly USB interface.

The ST-140D measures velocity and displacement  over a frequency range of 10Hz to 1KHz and can measure acceleration from 10Hz to 1KHz in LO mode and 1KHz to 5KHz in HI mode. The measuring modes include RMS and peak for acceleration and velocity as well as peak-peak for displacement. Furthermore, the device has hold and max hold functions in addition to auto power off with disable.

The ST-140D is a practical, versatile device and its increased memory capability allows the user to focus on measuring three different variables rather than worrying about having to remove previous readings from the device.

Key Features

  • Measures accuracy, velocity and displacement
  • Measurement ranges:  0.1 ~ 199.9m/s2, 0.1 ~ 199.9mm/s, 0.001 ~ 1.999mm
  • Frequency ranges: 10Hz ~ 5KHz (acceleration), 10Hz ~ 1KHz (velocity & displacement)
  • Highly sensitive probe for accuracy
  • Provided with long and short probe heads
  • Stores up to 9999 readings
  • User-friendly USB interface
  • RMS and Peak measurement modes
  • Highly accurate (±5%, reading two digits)
  • Data hold & max hold function
  • Auto power off function with disable
What's In The Box?
  • Tenmars ST-140D Datalogging Vibration Meter
  • Long head probe
  • Short head probe
More Information
  • Acceleration Frequency Range: 10HZ~1KHz (LO); 1KHz~5KHz (HI)
  • Velocity Frequency Range: 10HZ~1KHz
  • Displacement Frequency Range: 10HZ~1KHz
  • Acceleration Measurement Range: 0.1~199.9m/s2 
  • Velocity Measurement Range: 0.1~199.9mm/s
  • Displacement Measurement Range: 0.001~1.999mm
  • Function Acceleration/Velocity: RMS, Peak, Max Hold, Hold
  • Function Displacement: Peak-Peak, Max Hold, Hold
  • Accuracy: ± (5% reading 2 digits),ref. 80/160Hz, 23°C, <80%RH
  • Dimensions: 156x73x35(LxWxH)
  • Power supply: 6 x 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
  • AC Adapter: AC 100~240V to DC8~11V/0.5A